How to boost up Laptop and Computer

If your laptop or computer generate hanging issue or slow performance, then you can use given tricks which helps you to boost up Laptop and Computer quickly

After spending some time your Laptop and computer working process going to slowdown. Lot of person facing slow working process and they want to know how to boost up Laptop and Computer. Most of the person have to face again and again reboot his Laptop or Computer or remove different heavy program. But your problem still remain in that situation they have to format his system. This is not the right decision to format you system. After formatting you have to lost your important files from your system.

There are lot of ways from which you can easily boost up Laptop and Computer. These given simple tricks allows you to quickly speed up your Laptop and Computer.

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How to boost up Laptop and Computer

To increase the performance of your Laptop or Computer you have to take following given trick. After using these tricks there is no need to format your system and you can easily boost up Laptop and Computer.

How to boost up Laptop and Computer

1. Empty the C Drive

All we know C drive is an important drive of your system. All the important utility resources, operating system and other software are stored in this drive. Most of the person install lot of software which not only occupied lot of space but also reduce the working performance. You must have to uninstall all those software which are not useful for your system.

2. Don’t Use More than one Antivirus

Lot of person install more than one Antivirus program at his Laptop or Computer. These Antivirus program not only occupied space but also not working properly. If you have any one registered Antivirus then there is no need to use another antivirus at your system. You must have to remove another un-registered antivirus program from your device as soon as possible to speed up your Laptop or Computer.

3. Empty Recycle Bin

When you normally delete any file or folder from your Laptop or Computer they are stored at Recycle Bin program. After selecting one or more files or folder you have to press Shift+DEL key at the place of DEL key. Now all unwanted files and folder does not stored in your Recycle bin software. These files or folders directly delete from your system. Recycle Bin icon is placed at the desktop location. All the deleted files or folders are stored in the Recycle Bin. You must have to empty Recycle bin in a regular interval.

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4. Reduce List of Startup Programs

Most of the person who are working on the Laptop and Computer have a long list of startup programs due to which your computer or laptop does not working faster. During booting it will take lot of time to opening your program. If you want to boost up Laptop or Computer then you must have to reduce the list of startup programs. To reduce startup program list you must have to open the run box and type msconfig and press enter key. Now you will get System Configuration dialog box. You have to click on the Startup tab > Open Task Manager box. Now you can remove all those programs which you don’t want to keep in the startup

5. Scan Corrupt File

During working on your computer or laptop there are lot of corrupt files are taking lot of space on your C drive. All we know C drive is too much important for us. If you put lot of data on C drive which is not useful for us then your computer or laptop generate hanging problem. To overcome this hanging problem and boost up your computer or laptop you have to scan your system in a regular interval. To scan your system corrupt files open the Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall or Change Program > Now, click on that program which is not running properly at your system due to which lot of corrupted files are stored at your device.

6. Upgrade Drives

Most of the person are crazy for games. Most of the HD games not only occupied lot of space on your system memory but also reduce working performance also. If you are using old gaming drivers at your system then it’s not easy to play the HD games properly. If your gaming driver too much old then you must have to update your gaming driver. You can also install AMD, nVidia, Intel or any other graphic driver at your system. If you have latest version of gaming drivers then you don’t face hanging issue at your system.

7. Clean Desktop area

Lot of person have to store his important files at the desktop on your system. It’s easy to quickly open any important file from the desktop area. There is no need to enter in any folder to open the files. But do you know if your desktop area cluttered up with lot of files or folders then it will consume lot of RAM. If your system RAM is engage with these files because these are party of C drive then you will face system hanging issue. To avoid this issue you must have to clean your Computer or Laptop desktop area.

8. Upgrade Hardware

If you system too much old generation then you have to face lot of issue. Due to which you have to wait for long time to open any program at your system. To resolve this issue you must have to upgrade different part of hardware like increase the RAM, change the processor, etc. After upgrade your hardware you can check the working performance of your system will be increased.

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I hope after reading this guide you can easily boost up Laptop and Computer. At present time lot of desktop and laptop users have to face slow performance and hanging issue. But after reading this guide you can easily get better speed at your system.

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