Flipkart Fake Or Not Answers Today 3 January 2022

Fake or Not Fake Answer 3 January 2022 - Get fastest Flipkart Fake or Not Answers and Win ₹1,000, ₹50 and Assured Rewards.

Flipkart Fake or Not Answers 3 January 2022 Today –  Play Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Answers today and Win Assured Rewards. Skyneel provides the fastest Flipkart FNF answer. The Flipkart Fake or not answers 3 January 2022 is now live and the winner will be eligible to win the Assured Rewards.

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The Flipkart Video presents Fake or Not Fake Quiz based on Forward Social Massages and offers customers the opportunity to win exciting prizes, So here is today’s Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Questions and Answers. You can play this quiz only Flipkart app because this quiz contest only for Flipkart app uses.

Today’s quiz prize (Assured Rewards):
₹1000 gift vouchers (100 winners)
₹50 gift vouchers (3000 winners)
Super coins for remaining winners
Quiz Timing: 12 AM to 11.59 PM
Date: 3 January 2022

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S4 Episode 385 –  Fake and Not Fake Quiz Answers 3 January 2022 Today

Question 1.
Answer –

Question 2.
Answer –

Question 3.
Answer –

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Flipkart Quiz Prizes

1. Win Upto Rs 1000 Flipkart Gift Vouchers.
2. Chance To Win Smartphones.
3. Other Winners Get Free 50 Or 25 Or 20 Or 10 Super coins.

What is Flipkart Fake or Not Fake?
This is one of Flipkart video quiz and it’s called Flipkart Fake or Not Quiz. Fake or Not Fake Flipkart quiz is a fact-based quiz video where you have 2 options to chose Fake and Not Fake. This is very interesting quiz show, here you can win prizes with knowledge.

How to play Fake or Not Flipkart Quiz?
1. Flipkart App is competition only, So we suggest you download the Flipkart app from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.
2. Open the Flipkart app and sign in to your Flipkart account (create an account first if you do not have an existing Flipkart account).
3. Tap on the “Video and Games” tab in the Bottom, after then you will see the “Flipkart Video presents Fake or Not” banner, tap on this banner and tap on Play and win button.
4 . In this video you will get five questions every day and you can get correct answers of these questions here.
5. After answering all the Fake or Not Fake questions then you will win Assured Rewards like gift vouchers and super coins.

How to find all Flipkart Fake or Not answers?
You can find all correct Fake or Not answers here and you can search Fake or Not Skyneel on Google for find us.

How to win Flipkart Fake or Not quiz?
To win the Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz, you are required to give correct answers of all five question and claim your Prize as a necessary step. The reward will be disbursed directly to the wallet and super coin section.

What is the rewards or prizes of Fake or Not Fake Quiz?
Fake or Not quiz prizes are ₹1,000 Gift Voucher, ₹50 Gift Voucher and SuperCoins.

What is Flipkart SuperCoins?
Supercoin is the Flipkart customer rewards program and 1 SuperCoin = 1 Rupee.

What is Flipkart Fake or not Fake Quiz requirements:
1. Participant must be at least 18 years of age
2. Must have a valid Flipkart account and must log in using the same account
3. The Flipkart Fake or Not quiz is only available on the mobile app.