Latest Google Android O developer preview features

Google Android O developer preview allows you to set the notification limit, control apps and icon, improved battery life and pip mode.

After watching the success of Android Nougat mobile operating system now Google ready to released his next operating system for the developers with the name of Android O. As per the report latest Google Android O developer preview has been designed which provide much better battery life of your device.
At present time lot of person still does not upgrade his operating system with Android Nougat. They are still waiting to get the updates on his smartphone. But recently Google already released his latest Android O Operating system for the developers. Still we don’t have complete information what is the meaning of O.

We have to still wait to know what is the official name assigned for Google latest Android O operating system. You can easily download preview of Android O operating system. But you must have to know that it is not complete version Google’s Android O operating system. It is only preview which is used by the developers.

Latest Google Android O developer preview features

Google Android O developer preview features designed to give complete focus to improve the battery life of your device. It is possible to download and install developer version of Android O at the Nexus 5X, 6P, Nexus Players and Pixel C. Still there is no official launching date is decided for Google O but in this article we have to discuss about the latest feature of this upcoming operating system.

Latest Google Android O developer preview features

Improved Battery Life

All we know very well that background running apps consume lot of phone battery. But Google Android O developer preview feature not only set the automatic limit of an app but also stop them to running in background mode. You can stop all those apps which are consistently using the data.

Notifications Control

You will get different push notification from WhatsApp, Facebook Email etc. Android O allows to get the full control of these notifications. It is decided that notification control is much stronger in Android O.

Google Android O developer preview offer comes with latest notification channel feature. With the help of this feature you can easily control different type of Notifications on your device. You can easily set the category of different notifications. Android O notification control allows you to easily block any kind of notification on your device.


Just like Google chrome and web browser autofill feature allows you to quickly fill the required details. When you start typing you will get complete name and other information with the help of autofill feature. Due to this feature there is no need to again type the complete detail which save your typing time. With the help of autofill feature lot of spelling and grammatical errors issues also resolved.

Picture in Picture Mode

Picture in Picture (PiP) mode in latest Android O allows you to smooth working during multitasking on your device. That means during watching any videos there is no need to stop or pause them to sending any email at the same time.

You can already check the benefit of PiP mode in Apple’s iPad and Android TV. Now, Google give must better support to use PiP mode on your Android phone.

Better Icon Handling

Google Android O developer preview comes with better icon handling feature. All we know that we have square icon on our Android phone. But you can change square icons into circle, triangle or any other format.

Adaptive icons helps you to improve the icon handling because they give full support for mask and animations. Android O introduces adaptive launcher icons feature, which allows you to display and change variety of shapes across the different device models.

You can easily convert all the icons in same pattern which does not effect on the icon function and animation. Google also try to improve better font support for his Android phone users.

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