Google Chrome secret tips and tricks 2016

Google Chrome secret tips and tricks which you will be able to use all Google Chrome features like Google dictionary and Chrome as a Media Player etc.

Google launched a user friendly browser Google Chrome in 2008. It is very light weight and easy to use and also easy to access. It became popular very soon among users because of it’s user friendly features. But there are many secret tips which are yet waited to explore by users. So here is Google Chrome secret tips and tricks.

Google Chrome secret tips and tricks for Mobile device and PC users:

Easy and fast calculation

Very few people know about this feature of Google Chrome. You can do fast calculations with the help of Chrome. For this there is no need to go to Google search. You can get your fast calculations result very fast on the same page without pressing enter key. You can even calculate temperature, distance and weight by using this feature.

Google Chrome secret tips and tricks

Safety from hanging

Google Chrome will help to save you from hanging. Google Chrome has it’s own task manager. You can use this feature by going to Chrome’s tools menu. You can see your all open tabs and background process by going on this task manager. You can even close tab directly from task manager when your browser gets hang. For this you have to click End Process.

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Saving of browsing session

When we use our system, many times we want to save browsing sessions so we can use that after some time. For this you need to go to Bookmarks. There you select Bookmark Open Pages, immediately your open tab will save in new folder. You can put a name to this folder also and use it whenever you want.

Safety of personal information

In Google Chrome your history, password and Bookmarks are safe. This is big advantage of using Google Chrome. For this you need not to sync all of them to your Google account. To active this feature you need to go to Settings. From Settings go to Advanced Sync Settings. Here you can sync whatever you want to.

Chrome as a Media Player

You can use Google Chrome as a media player also. You can watch videos on Chrome. For this you need not to install separate Media Player application. You just need to drag your in open tab, as you do your video will start to play.

Guest Browsing

You can put your system on Guest mode also with the help of Chrome. If your friends want your laptop to use and you don’t want that he sees your Facebook’s messages and URLS of Omnibox suggestions, the perfect solution is guest mode. For this you need to go to settings and enable guest browsing. By enabling this feature on single device two user can work separately.

Use of Google dictionary

Google dictionary is a secret feature of Chrome. You can install this dictionary from Google Chrome store. After you install it, it will help you to understand any words meaning easily. While reading anything on Chrome, if you double click on any word you will get its definition in pop-up window. It has a link also, by opening that you can get more knowledge about that particular word.

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All history on one click

By using this feature, you can see History on one click easily. For this you need to press Back button for some time. As you do this, recent History list will be opened in front of you. If you want to see all history, you can click on Show Full History. This trick will work on Forward button also.

I hope you like this Google Chrome secret tips and tricks guide from which you will be able to easily use Google Chrome secret tips and tricks without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.

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