How to easily share heavy files on WhatsApp

WhatsApp does not support to share or send heavy files. help of Whats tool you can easily share heavy files on WhatsApp.

Hi Guys, WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app at this time. With the help of WhatsApp you can easily and quickly start chating with others. You can send any text messages with images, audio and videos to any single user or group of users. But we have to face problem to send or share heavy files, movies and documents. But now your problem we be solved with the help of Whats Tool. With the help of Whats tool, you will be able to easily share heavy files on WhatsApp.

Whats tool is a great tool which allows you to send or easily share heavy files on WhatsApp. Whats tool allows you can easily share archives files, documents, ebooks, Music, Images, Videos up to 1 GB. You can also able to pause, resume or preview uploaded or downloaded file, images, videos during sharing.

Easily share heavy files on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a file sharing tool. This tools helps you to send heavy files using advance file sharing technology. Before sending the files you will be able to preview or check the file, image or any video. If you want to download Whats tool then you must click on this link.

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Whats tool store all send and receive files in his cloud storage. You can easily share these files on sms or any third party apps.

Steps how to easily share heavy files on WhatsApp:

You can easily send or easily share heavy files on WhatsApp with the help of Whats tool. But this tool will be installed on both sender or receiver phone. You can easily download this tool from Google Play store. It will occupied 8.6 MB space and required to load android 4.1 and above operating system.

Step 1: Install Whats tool on your android phone, by clicking on this link:

Step 2: After installing Whats tool turn on accessibility from you phone. To turn on the accessibility click on Settings > System > Accessibility > Whats Tool. After that this app allows you to directly connect to Google drive.

Step 3: To send or share any heavy files on WhatApp clcik on the attachment pin. Now, you will get a box in which there are different options like documents, ebooks, audio, video etc. Select any required type of file which you want to share with others.

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Step 4: After attaching the files this tool upload one or more selected files. During uploading you will be able to pause or resume the file. After uploading the file you can easily check the file before clicking on the send button.

Note: If Whats tool is not installed in received phone then he will get a link of shared file. He will open this link in the browser and then easily download on your phone.

I hope you like this article, after reading this post you will be able to easily share heavy files on WhatsApp. Give your important suggestions regarding this article in the comment box. Thanks to all.

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