How to take professional photography with Android phone

If you want to take better quality picture with your Android phone then read this article to take professional photography with Android.

During buying latest technology smartphone we have to check and compare our phone specification with others. Camera play an important role to take the decision during buying new smartphone. Today we have to discuss few important tricks from which you will be able to take professional photography with Android.

There are different ways from which you will be able to easily take professional photography with phone. If you want to take much better pictures than you have to follow few given tips. If your phone camera quality is not very good then you have to take few given tips which helps you to take better pictures just like a professional photographer.

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How to take professional photography with Android

Tips to take professional photography with Android

Clean Phone Lens:

Most of the time when we put our phone in your pocket, bag or your table lot of dusk put on the phone lens. Due to the dust when you take photo it will be blur your image. So always remember before taking the picture first you have to clean the dust with the help of
soft cloth or cotton.

Minimize the use of Flash:

When you have full sunlight then you have to turn-off the flash feature from your phone. When you click the picture flash affect the picture. When light is dim then you have to turn the flash feature on your phone. If you feel light is dim then you have to increase the exposure or ISO from camera settings as per your need.

Increase the resolution:

Resolution play an important role in your phone quality. If you phone resolution is too much low then picture quality is not very good. If you want better resolution then you have to increase the resolution of your phone as per your need.

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Use HDR mode:

There are lot of mode for taking the picture. Most of the person does not select better mode during taking the picture. You have to choose HDR mode during taking the picture. HDR stand for high dynamic range, it take shots with different exposure from dark to lighter. It combine best parts of balanced shots, over and under exposed which create a better image.

Reduce the digital zoom:

Lot of person increase the camera zoom during taking the picture. When you increase the zoom of your phone camera the picture quality is decreased. The digital zoom normally used for taking picture from long distance. But if you are taking the picture from small distance then there is no need to zoom your phone camera.

Use landscape mode:

Vertical mode specially used when you want to take long picture. during taking the picture. If you want to use better picture which cover more background also then you have to take pictures from landscape mode. Most of the professional photographer like to use landscape mode during taking better picture quality.

Check the picture detail:

After taking the picture you have to check the picture detail from detail options. If you want to check picture detail then open the picture and tap on the three dot button which is placed on the top right corner. Tap on the “Details” option, now you can check all picture detail like width, height, size, file size, flash, aperture, exposure time, ISO and other things. All these things helpful to set the camera settings as per your need.

Use Third party Apps:

Your phone provides the facility to edit the pictures. If you want to make some editing in your picture then tap on the three dot button and choose “Edit” option. Now you can set border, brightness and sharpness and other things. If you want to do smart photography then you have to use third-party apps. There are a lot of third-party apps available on the Google Play Store, which gives different options which gives smart look of your picture.

Use Gadgets:

Most of the person love to use different smart gadgets during taking the photography from his Android phone. You have to connect different type of lens with your phone for taking the better picture quality. With the help of these gadgets you will be able to increase the camera quality too much.There are different smartphone accessories available in the market like Pocket spotlight, Triggertrap, Olloclip 4-in 1 lens, Manfrotto klyp, Optrix XD5 case, iPro lens series 2 trio, Sony QX10 and QX 100 lens cameras etc.

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After applying these tricks you will be able to take professional photography with Android phone. This article helpfull all those lovers who love to take better picture with his phone. If you have any suggestion regarding this article then write us in the comment box. Thanks to all.

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