Best Hidden iOS 14 features, you must have to know

Apple announced the new version of its mobile operating system iOS 14. The upcoming version will bring major hidden features of iOS 14.

Apple announced the new version of its mobile operating system iOS 14. Apple’s 2020 WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) focused a lot on iOS 14, the new version of the mobile operating system that powers the iPhone.

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iOS 14 includes a major redesign of the iPhone home screen, picture-in-picture video, widgets, a new Siri interface, a new Translation app, and many more. There are many more interesting features that Apple didn’t discuss during its WWDC keynote event and these are called hidden iOS 14 features.

Hidden iOS 14 features, you must have to know

Here’s a list of some of our favorite features hidden in iOS 14, which you can get in new mobile operating system.

Hidden iOS 14 features

Back Tap

iOS 14 has a secret feature called ‘Back Tap’ that lets you perform a variety of functions just by tapping the back of your iPhone. Hidden inside the accessibility settings of iOS 14, you can add double or triple taps on the back of the iPhone to generate actions. Just by tapping the back of the iPhone, you can take screenshots, open the control center, open the app switcher, and much more.

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Sound detection

Sound detection is another accessibility feature which Apple has included in this update. In this update you can get sounds such as door knock, doorbell, car horn, cat, dog, people shouting, or water running. While this is useful for people who might have hearing deficiencies, it can be also useful to know if someone’s knocking on your door when you’re wearing headphones and engrossed in the track you’re listening to.

Recording Indicator

With iOS 14, Apple is introducing a camera and microphone recording indicator in the status bar. It will appear as an orange dot above the signal bar. The idea of a recording indicator is to alert users whenever the mic or camera are being used. The feature will give users more control over data and privacy.

Apple Music updates

When you play one song, Apple Music will automatically play related songs on autoplay once that finishes playing. The new Apple Music interface has gotten rid of For You and replaced it with Listen Now with better-personalized recommendations. The new version of Apple Music has also added category wise search in Library.

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Headphone accommodations

Designed for those hard at hearing, this new accessibility feature amplifies soft sounds and adjusts the frequency response. The feature works with AirPods Pro, AirPods, EarPods, Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro, and Beats Solo Pro.

SMS Filtering

It’s true! Apple has added an SMS filtering feature in the Messages app. iOS 14 has inbuilt message filtering. Now the app can automatically filter incoming SMS into categories such as transactions, promotions, or junk. This is a useful feature for iPhone users in India, who previously relied on third-party apps such as TrueCaller.

Emoji search field

Apple has added an emoji search field to iOS 14. The feature has been available on macOS for quite some time now, but Apple is finally bringing the emoji search bar to the iPhone. So, what’s the use of the emoji search bar? Well, users will be able to quickly search for an emoji at the top of the emoji keyboard that they are looking for.

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