How to lock apps on Samsung mobile

Secure method to lock apps on Samsung mobile. If you can't find app lock feature in your Samsung phone then this guide is best for you.

Hello friends, today we will know how to lock apps on Samsung mobile. In this guide, we will address the problem of people who are having trouble with Samsung phones as it does not have essential features like “App Lock”. Through this guide, we can easily solve this problem.

Samsung is the second largest mobile selling company in India, which people like very much. But phones of such a big brand also have many drawbacks, such as features like app lock and screen recorder are not available. Samsung’s M series and A series phones do not have the App Lock feature, there may be many more phones, but the two series phones I have seen do not have this feature. Your phone might not have this feature, so you have reached this guide. Samsung should fix this problem in the coming time with its new update. Till then, this guide can be helpful for you, so read it thoroughly and then implement it on your phone.

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In the Google Play Store, you find many such apps through which the app can be locked. But is it safe to use them? It is difficult to answer this. Because many such apps have been found on Google Play Store, through which your phone can be hacked. When the government or any security organization releases a list of hacking apps, then we come to know that we are using these hacking apps. Therefore, before using any app, you should be aware of it, and you should take care of the security of your phone.

But you don’t need to worry. Because Samsung has developed an app called S Secure, through which you can lock your phone’s apps. You will find this app on the Samsung Galaxy Store. Let’s know how to install and use it.

How to lock apps on Samsung by S Secure app:

Step 1. Step 1. Open Samsung Galaxy Store on your phone and then Search S Secure in the search box. and install this app.
Step 2. Open phone settings and find and open advanced features tab. Here you will get the option of Lock and Mask Apps. open it.
Step 3. Lock and Mask Apps feature should be on, now you open the App Lock type tab. Here you can choose a PIN or pattern as well as enable fingerprinting.
Step 4. Now open the Locked Apps tab and add the apps you want to lock. Close the setting, you will now see the lock symbol on the apps you add.

Note: If the app you have used is running in background then that app will open without password. Therefore, completely close the apps that you have already used.

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I hope you like this guide and your app lock problem is solved. In the coming days, we will also bring a guide on screen recorder, so that we can help you as much as possible. If you want a guide on any other topic, then you can tell us by mail, we will be happy to help you.