Important tips how to speed up Android phone performance

If phone performance speed is slow down and want to increase the speed then you have to read the article to speed up Android phone performance

When you bring latest Android phone his working speed is faster but after some it began running more slowly. It is a common problem which is faced by lot of Android phone users. Android phone users use different tips and tricks to boost up his phone performance. Today we discuss important tips how to speed up Android phone performance.

There is a big market of Android phone users around the world. When you buy new Android phone his performance speed is better but after some time your phone performance slowing down. There are lot of reasons due to which your phone performance slow down. The
main reason of decrease the speed of your phone performance is apps, games, widgets and many more.

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Important tips how to speed up Android phone performance

If your Android phone speed slow down and you don’t know what is the specific reason and how to overcome this problem. But there is no need to worry there are lot of way from which you can easily discover how to speed up Android performance.

1. Know your device

Most of the Android phone users does not have full specification and hardware information about your phone. It is an important thing you must have to know capabilities and drawbacks of your device. As per your phone specification you must have to download and install apps on your phone. Most of the apps are hungry which eat the resources of your phone and decrease phone performance. So, it is essential to know your device.


2. Identify the problem

It is an important thing to identify the main reason of problem due to which your phone performance is slow down. You have to use Trepn Profiler app allows is a powerful and performance profiling app which is used for mobile devices. It is used to identify the
real time CPU load for individual, overview network traffic, check Wi-Fi, GPU load and RAM usages and many more.

3. Update your Android

If you don’t update your Android phone software with latest firmware then your phone performance is slow down. But if you regularly update all software and apps your Android phone you will get higher performance, better connectivity, latest user friendly features
and many more.

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4. Clean Cache memory:

All we know very well cache memory occupied lot of space in your Android phone memory. These cache memory not only occupied space but also slow down the speed of your Android phone. Now there is no need to worry you will be able to easily clean cache memory and
boost up Android phone.

5.Disable or Uninstall Apps

When you bring new Android phone, it will come with different pre-loaded apps. These pre-loaded apps are not deleted from your Android phone and these apps not only occupied lot of space but also decrease the speed of your phone. You can easily disable or uninstall unwanted apps from you phone. After removing unwanted apps from your phone not only get extra storage space but also helps you to speed up  Android phone performance.6. Remove unwanted Widgets

Few widgets are useful which you place on home screen of your Android phone. If any widgets which you don’t need then you have to remove them from home screen of your phone. Due to these widgets lot of system resources and your phone performance slow down. Widgets are always running in the background due to which they active all time.

7. Disable animation effects

Animation effects not only consume lot of phone battery but also reduce your phone performance. You have to disable active animation effect which helps you to speed up Android performance. We have already discuss about this topic how to boost up android phone via developer mode in our previous article.

I hope after reading all these given important tips you can easily understand how to speed up phone performance. If you have any query or suggestion regarding this article please write us in the comment box. Thanks to all.

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