Top Android Smartphone Apps to Watch Movies TV Serials

There are lot of Top Android Smartphone Apps to Watch Movies TV Serials to reduce your boring and vacant time.

Hi friends, in present day’s lot of persons want to do entertainment in his life due to reduce stress of his life and spend his free time. So that most of the persons either play games, watching online movies and TV shows, chatting with friends via WhatsApp or Facebook and many more. You can spend your vacant and boring time with the given top apps to watch popular movies and TV Serials, get information of actors on your Android Smartphone. There are lot of top android smartphone apps to watch movies tv serials to reduce your boring time and stress.

Today, in this post I want to discuss with you about few interesting Smartphone apps from which you can view movies or series on your Smartphone. These apps are specially used by those persons who want entertainment in his life or love to watch favorite movies or TV serials. You can easily download these few interesting apps on your Smartphone from the Google Play store.Top Android Smartphone Apps to Watch Movies TV Serials

Top Android Smartphone Apps to Watch Movies TV Serials


It’s is very popular and easy to download free app which is used by different users to watch his or her favorite TV shows and watching movies on your Smartphone. It you want to watch movies or favorite TV shows they first you have to logged in and resume Netflix membership then after you can browse to watch them. You can download this app from Google Play store.

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It is another important app for your Smartphone from which you can easily search movies and also reserve them for watching. You can select how many movies at this time available for you to watching then after reserve them on your Android Smartphone by using this app with the help of Redbox kiyosk. You can download this app from Google Play store.


Crackle is important app from which Android users watch his favorite movies and TV shows which is related to action, comedy, horror, music and crime. You can also watch different hit movies and and TV shows like Seinfeld, Pineapple Express, Joe Diret, Mr. Deeds and many more. You can download this app from Google Play store.

Direct TV:

It is another important and interesting app which is redesigned to watch live TV shows and favorite movies at any location on your Android Smartphones. After download this app users may able to watch HBO, CINEMAX, STARG & ENCORE. You can easily download this app on your Smartphone from Google Play store.

Fandango Movies:

It is very interesting app from which you can use this app for movie ticketing. Users, who install this app on his Smartphone easily locate high quality trailers and real time show to watch movies and also view ratings of popular movies. You can download this app from Google Play store.

Hulu Plus:

This app is used to watch popular network shows of current seasons like “The Office”, “Grace Anatomy” and “Jeely” with the help of Hulu Plus app on your Android Smartphone. But during watching these shows on this app you have to pay $9.99 per month. Authorised users not only watch current TV shows but also watch popular and interesting programs also. This app easily download from the Google Play store.

IMDb Movies – TV:

It is another very popular entertaining app which is developed by the IMDb to search information regarding celebrities, actors, actress, director and many more. You can also watch review of different popular movies and TV shows with the help of this app. You can download this app from the Google Play store.

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Movies by Flixster:

This app especially used to watch full length movies on the Android Smartphone. With the help of this app users can easily browse box office movies, read important review and also watch popular TV shows after downloading this app from Google Play store.


It is the most important and very popular app from which users can watch different shows of HBO, Comedy special, Movies, Sports and Documentary. Users can also view very popular series like “True Blood”, “Game of Thrones”, “Girls”, “Entourage”, :The Sopranos” etc. after downloading this app from Google Play store on your Smartphone.

I hope you like this post, give your important suggestion regarding this post. Use these apps on your Smartphone and feel enjoy by watching your popular TV shows, Movies, get information about your favorite stars. Thanks.

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