WhatsApp is no cost to message and always touch with friends

WhatsApp Messenger is most popular app in the world. It is easy to use and ad free app.

WhatsApp is a mobile app which is becoming very famous now a days. This app is very interesting for users and through this app user can always be in contact with their friends. The thing which is essential to run this app on your mobile is only internet connection. It is totally free app there is no charges for using this app. Unlike SMS service you have not pay any amount to send message. Beside it you have many other options in it which makes chat with friends more interesting. To use this app you just need internet connection in your mobile as well as in your friends mobile too. Through WhatsApp you even chat free with your friends who live outside your country. This app can run on all modern operating system so user have not to bind for particular operating system to use it.

Features of WhatsApp

1. WhatsApp Voice Messages Through WhatsApp user can easily send voice messages. In this feature WhatsApp gives you facilities to record your voice and sent this recorded clip to your friend instantly. This feature is introduces by WhatsApp in its version 4.0 To send voice message user have to record his message first. For this go to chat window of any person click on microphone symbol and hold it, speak your message and when your message recorded send it. You can edit too your message before sending it.

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2. User can share WhatsApp conversation history If user wants to share his WhatsApp history with some other person he has the option to do it. For this he has to send email of whole conversation history of WhatsApp. To user this service users of Android phones have to click on menu button, where he will see option More , click on it he will find option Email Conversation. Click on this option and send whole history to the address of the other person whom you want to send it. iOs users have to go to the settings of WhatsApp, there he will find Email chat history, click on that and send it wanted person.

3. User can customize WhatsApp chat wallpaper WhatsApp allows user that they can change their WhatsApp chat wallpaper and can make their chat more interesting. If user want to change the background wall paper, he can customize it according to his choices. To change wallpaper just go to the Wallpaper, here you can set either your own clicked images or you can choose images provided by WhatsApp wallpaper too. iOS users have to go to conversation setting and where they will find Chat wall paper option , click it and change it.

4. User can prepare backup of WhatsApp conversations If user want to keep some conversations, then it gives this facility too. For this user have to go to Settings, where there is option Chat preferences, click that, here he will find an option Chat history backup. In this service WhatsApp allows users to save backup automatically, user have not create backup daily.

5. To send messages on WhatsApp user have to click Enter key in many other apps user have to click send button to send messages. But WhatsApp made it easy to send message you just have to click Enter Key and your message will send to the person whom you want to send. To set this key user have to go to Setting, then Chat preferences, where he will find this option Enter is send. Click it and set this key to send messages. iOs users doesn’t have this option.

6. create shortcuts to WhatsApp conversations User can create shortcut and set it on his homescreen. If you chat with a person very often, so sometimes you can feel tough to open his window again and again by going to WhatsApp. For that you can create shortcut of it and set it on your homescreen. After that you have to just click and open that person’s chat window. For create shortcuts user have to go to WhatsApp Chat Menu, click on option More where you will see the option Add conversation shortcut. Click it and set shortcut on homescreen.

7. User can send much more than only text To add fun in chat WhatsApp has many other options except sending text messages. There are so many other features which makes chat lively. It gives you facilities to send photos, videos, audios, address, funny similes etc. For this you have to go to chat window, select option More and choose which file you want to choose.

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8. Change your WhatsApp Status, it has a status option which show to all your friends below your profile. in this feature you can set your personal message, through that you can inform your friends what is your current status mean what are you doing right now like sleeping , busy, available for chat etc. you can even set any kind of thought also in it which can reflect your way of thinking. For this go to Whats-App main menu and where you will see this option Status. Here you can type your message or you can choose any status given by Whats-App too.

9. User can send a Whats-App message to many contacts at the same time Whats-App has a feature which is called Broadcast messages. Through this feature user can send same messages to more than one person at same time. This feature help user to save time, user have not to send message one by one to different person. He can send his message to all in one click. User have to select option Broadcast Message for this purpose and select contacts and send his message.

To download Whats-App you can visit its official site. For this u can also go to Google play, Android Marketplace, iTunes etc.

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