25 Top most latest Twitter shortcut keys

Twitter is most popular social website which has million of regular users at this time. You have to use given 25 top most latest Twitter shortcut keys.

There are million of users around the world has to use Facebook on daily basis. They have to regularly post his new tweets using his registered Twitter account. Most of the person need to work faster than others so that they have to use different shortcut keys. In this guide we have to discuss few top most latest Twitter shortcut keys.

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Twitter is fast growing social networking website which is used by approx 500 million users on around the world. But only few person’s have to use hidden top most latest shortcut key. Rest of the users doesn’t use these shortcut keys. All we know shortcut keys provide a quick way to execute a command. If you don’t have enough time or work faster than others for tweets then you have to use given top most latest Twitter keys. Most of the bloggers has to regular tweet with to boost the traffic of his blog using Twitter account.

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25 Top most latest Twitter shortcut keys

There are lot of guys don’t know about these hidden Twitter shortcut keys. In this guide we’ll discuss about 25 top most latest Twitter shortcut keys. These shortcut keys helps you to work faster and your working time will be reduced on Twitter. Twitter has become more popular social networking website at this time. Here we have to discuss few top most latest Twitter shortcut keys which is used by the users, have a look.


For Action

For New Tweet : Press n
For Like any Tweet : Press l
For Reply any Tweet : Press r
For Re-tweet : Press t
For Direct message : Press m
For Mute user : Press u
For Block any user : Press b
For Open Tweet detail : Press Enter
For Expand Photo : Press o
For Search any Tweet Press /
For Send any Tweet : Press Ctrl+Enter

For Navigation

For navigation This Menu : Press ?
For navigation Next Tweet : Press j
For navigation Previous Tweet : Press k
For navigation one page down : Press Space
For load new Tweets : Press .

For Timelines

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To view Home Page : Press g h
To view Notification page : Press g n
To view Mentions : Press g r
To view Profile : Press g p
To view Likes : Press g l
For Lists : Press g i
For Messages : Press g m
For Settings : Press g s
For Go to users : Press g u

I hope after reading this guide you know very well about 25 top most latest Twitter shortcut keys. If you feel that i missed out any of one shortcut key in this list and suggestion regarding this guide then please share them in the comment box. Thanks to all.

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