Boost traffic on your Blog by using Twitter

Twitter is an online social networking and micro-blogging service. Guide helps you to how to boost traffic on your Blog by using Twitter account.

Today we talk about how to increase or boost traffic with the help of Twitter on our blog. Twitter is an online social networking website. It also provide blogging facility through which you can read and send tweets. In this article we have to discuss how to boost traffic on your blog by using Twitter account.In each tweets you are able to send any text messages up to 140 characters. If you are any authorised users then you are able to read and post tweets, but if you are any unauthorised users then you can only read these tweets.

Boost traffic on your Blog by using Twitter

Twitter is a useful platform to easily increasing your web traffic, due to because it is a link-based service. There is a very big list of users who are ready to provide the solutions of any problem which you face at this time.

Important steps to increase traffic on blog:

If you don’t get proper traffic on your blog and want to need help of social networking sites, then Twitter is on of the best choice. There are few interesting tips which helps you to know how to boost traffic on your Blog by using Twitter account.

A. Signup your page on Twitter for blogging: 

You have to set your complete important information on setup page of Twitter. It will be very effective to those person which you want to check your profile before adds you in friend list or followers. One day when you feel now your blog will be developed then you start your twits on your post using the Twitter account.


B. Design your Twitter page as a blog:

In Twitter you can design blogging page yourself. On your blogging page you can set any picture for your profile, set heading, a small description and many more.

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C. Add other channel contacts: 

You have to prepare your community on the Twitter which is very important to spread your area who knows you. If you talk, e-mail or call them, then you have to use any professional and effective script. Most the person’s help to others by providing good suggestion you can also use this method.

D. Reply to High Profile Twitter Users: 

You can use Twitter Search to prepare list of high profile peoples who shares the same target community same as you. Check & count all these peoples. With Twitter Search, select the options that allow you to searching the persons. You can create Twitter list, which can be used to find the best persons and contents to re-tweet.

E. Follow your objective community members: 

You can follow above 1,000 accounts on Twitter. It’s not means that you follow Any-body on the Twitter, but it does make sense to cleverly follow your objective community members. The main reason is that when you follow them then they follow you.

F. Regular Update Post on Twitter to get more followers: 

If you want to get more followers on Twitter then you have to update your post regularly for those person who daily visit on your page. Sometimes re-tweet your articles and give any remark on the post. Other users also re-tweets on your article. If you are not able to give regularly reply then you may be lost you important followers who increase or boost traffic on your blog.

G. Create unique hashtags for Twitter updates:

Add unique hashtags when you’re creating any useful and unique data for the peoples when they click on these unique hashtag from get updated information.

H. Post your Link: 

If you prepare a new article and you want to publish it on the Twitter, then there is no need to copy and paste all the data of your article you just copy the link of your article and paste in your Twitter account.

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I. Avoid spamming: 

Nobody like the spammer. It is not allowed on twitter. Spamming is also not allowed on twitter. So, always be alert from them.

J. Timing is Everything: 

If you want that your community like or tweets on your recent publish post you need to know the real time on which all members of your community are online but if you publish new topic at any other time then you get very low response from other side.

I hope this guide is useful for all guys who need to know how to boost traffic on your blog by using Twitter account. If you have any suggestion regarding this guide then please write us in the comment box.

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