Best Cloud Storage: Backup | Secure Confidential Data

Check out the top best cloud storage and you can Sync, share and store your personal files like photo, music, video and document.

How “Cloud Storage” works to secure our important and confidential data? Cloud Storage are used to Sync, share and store your data securely on the server. By using the Cloud storage, you can easily send the thickest files as email attachments. Moreover, your files are always keep safe,   it’s a highly dependable backup copy is ready. Then if your pen drive, memory card, phone, the computer will also be lost or suddenly formats or you have to reset them, then your data will not go anywhere.

Within few minutes all photos, songs, documents & video clips all of them, will be in front of you in a few minutes. Your data ‘cloud’ also means having connected from the Internet by logging onto any computer or mobile you can easily find the file. There is no need that you can take your laptop everywhere. Cloud storage is extremely easy to use. There are few examples for Best cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, Sugarsync, Box all service as a cloud service of your choice to choose from.  You have downloaded the small software on your computer or phone to use the cloud storage service.  You can use multiple cloud service for different things.

It’s Easier than E-Mail

Most of the people’s heard the name of cloud storage, but they don’t use this facility due to lack of information. Cloud storage means that your data, files, phone and computer is also present at any other place, means stored on the company’s computer, with your username and password. It also known as remote server. Whenever you like, with the help of internet you can get your data from remote servers, for modifying, sharing or you can delete it forever. Just like any computer by logging on to your mail checking.

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Like email facility many companies provides a limit, for using free cloud storage facility. If you have more data space in that case you have to pay annual fee to buy extra space to store your important data. But in free cloud storage, you have lot of space in which you can store your important documents, music collections and photos. There is no need to use pen drive, memory card to share files on cloud storage. You can anytime see all photos, collection of selected songs on any computer.


Here are some key factors are given below  to consider when choosing a cloud service:

  • First we have to known some lacks before using cloud storage facility. You already understand that there is a need of internet connection to get your data on any computer or mobile from cloud storage. Without internet facility you are not able to send your data to any other. If your internet connection speed is too slow in that case you are facing lot of problems to download or upload large files like videos. It also increase internet bill during uploading or downloading large files on cloud storage. But if you have high-speed Internet connection like Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G, and you are using unlimited data plan so you can enjoy with relish cloud service.
  • You must judge the cost competence of Cloud Storage facility.
  • Check best security features with up-gradation facility.
  • Determine the Cloud Storage recovery facilities will be fastest and reliable than others.
  • Determine about automatic online backup facility.
  • Keep secure your important and confidential information on cloud storage like bank details, credit card password, personal photographs or videos due to hacking problem.

Links to download

If you want to use Dropbox cloud facility then click on this link.If you want to use Google drive facility then click on this link. If you want to use Sugarsync then click on this link.

How to use

First you have to create your own username and password on any cloud storage facility like Google drive or dropbox. Now an icon wills displays on your desktop of Dropbox or Google Drive on your computer. Whichever files you want to share in it, put it into by drag or drop or cut/copy and paste method. According to your file size and your Internet speed will sync this file within a few minutes that means the files are stored on the cloud. In other word, you can also say that a copy of this file in your Dropbox on the server has become.

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If you are using drop box facility in your computer then you have to open web site now you will see all drop box folder. If you want to share the any folder, please right click on it > click Invite to folder, if you would share it with your friends, but they can also modify your data. If you just share link with your friend then you can download the file, but it cannot change anything.

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