Difference between File vs Folders

Files are permanently store your data in many formats while folder used to store different files and sub folders on the hard disk drive, File Vs Folders.

File and folder are commonly used important terms in computer terminology. Any kind of data on your hard drive consists of files and folders. Today we discus on File vs Folders. The main difference is that files are used to store data, while folders store files and other folders or directory on your computer. When using windows operating system, new users are confused between them. Normally, all kind of data in your hard disk drive is stored either in files or folder.

Meaning of File

File: It is collection of information, like a program, set of different kind of data which is used by any program. A file is the main storage unit that enable a computer to make difference from one set of information to another. It is a collection of different formats data that a user can modify, delete, save, or send to an output device like a printer, plotter or an e-mail program.

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Meaning of Folder

Folder: It contains for software and different format files and sub-folder in graphical user interfaces, symbolized on the screen by a graphical image (icon) of a file folder.

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Difference between File vs Folders :

Files Folders
It is a collection of different kind of data like text files, bitmap picture files, document, workbook, presentation, music or films etc. in your computer memory in a single unit. It is used to store different files and sub folders.
Files are taking spaces on computer memory. Folders are not taking spaces on computer memory.
After creating files, you can easily open, save, rename, print, email and modify file contents. After creating folders you can move, rename, and delete folders.
You can easily move or copy data from one file to another You can copy or move files from one folder to another folder.
Each file has its own extension. It may be three or four character long. A folder does not have any extension.
You cannot create any folder or sub folder within a file. You can create different types of files or sub folders in a folder.
You cannot share your file on network. You can share folders on network.

I hope you like this File Vs Folders guide from which you will be able to easily understand different in the File Vs Folders  without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.


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