Google Assistant Tips: Say Good Morning phone will tell weather and news

Google Assistant Tips: There is a hidden feature in your phone, as you speak good morning, phone will automatically tell you weather & news.

Smartphones can be used not only for calls or messaging, but also for many other things. You can read news through this, set an alarm and also get weather information. What if you wake up in the morning, say good morning to the phone and it automatically starts telling the news and news of today’s weather? Today we are going to tell you such amazing Google Assistant Tips.

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The Google Assistant found in Android smartphones does a lot of work for you. Here we are going to use a feature of Google Assistant itself. For this, it is important that you activate Google Assistant in the phone. If Google Assistant is not enabled on your phone then first go to the settings of the phone. Search Google Assistant here. Here you can also decide from its language to how to start it.

How to use Google Assistant Tips feature

There is such a hidden feature in your smartphone that the phone itself will tell you the latest information and news of today’s weather as soon as you speak good morning.

Google Assistant Tips

Now your smartphone will tell you the latest information of weather and news as soon as you speak good morning, isn’t it a wonderful Google trick, so get ready how to use Google Assistant’s Good Morning Trick.

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  1. Start Google Assistant first. See that its language is in English.
  2. Tap the Explore icon at the bottom right.
  3. Go to the Manage option here and go to Manage Personal Info.
  4. Go to the Good Morning Routine given here. And tap on Customize Good Morning Routine written below.
  5. Here you can choose a lot of options. Mark the Tell me about weather for the weather.
  6. For news, mark the news option given below. To change it, tap on the Settings icon next to News.
  7. Here you can find news of the website of your choice. Now whenever you say good morning to Google Assistant, it will tell the news by telling your weather conditions.

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