How Can I Reset Facebook Password in few steps

If you are facing problem during logging in your Facebook then you can easily Reset Facebook Password by sending a request.

Dear Friends, today we talk about how can I reset my password on Facebook? If you forgot your Facebook id password, then the easiest way is to reset the Facebook password. If you want to change or reset your Facebook account password then you have to face some security question and give proper answer, then after Facebook allows you to change your account password.

Steps to Reset Facebook Password:

Step 1: Open the webpage to reset your Facebook account password.

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Step 2: You have to click “Forgot your password” option >>> Type the sufferer’s Email address. Their account should come up. First you check the photo, if it your then Click on it and select any one option, either you have to click on the “Use my Google account” option or you can choose “E-Mail me a link to reset my password” option.

Step 3: If you set E-Mail me a link to reset my password option then click Next button, it will send a code on your registered email id. When you open your email id you will get a mail from the Facebook and get a six digit code, watch properly this code and then type this code on Facebook page.

Step 4: When you click on “Continue” button, you will get a reset password page, on which you can insert your new password two times for confirmation then click “Continue” button.

Step 5: If you choose another method to reset your Facebook password “Use my Google account” option,  it will transfer your control on Google login page, in which you have to give your login page information like your Email_id and password. Click Next button and change your password two times for confirmation, then click “Continue” button. When you click on the “Continue” button.

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1. You must sign-out your Google account, by opening website in new tab.

2. Please don’t share your personal information from your friends or any other and also modify your password regularly.

3. You can also have print screen of during the account creation process, if you forget your password then you can use this print screen.

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