How to dry or fix a water damaged phone

How do I fix a water damaged phone? Don't worry you must have to know how to dry or fix a water damaged phone.

Sometime if you drop you phone in a swimming pool, sink, tank or toilet. In that situation most of the person are panic and they don’t know what to do. Most of the person want to know in that situation how to dry and fix a water damaged phone. There is no need to worry there is no need to panic.

If your phone drop in to the water then you must have to know what you have to do few important things. You can also need to know few important things which you don’t not to do with your device.

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* Immediately bring out your phone from the water.
* If you phone is off then please don’t try to switch on your device.
* Don’t try to dry your wet phone with blower. Most of the important parts of your device must be crashed during using the blower on your device.
* Avoid to plugin your device with charging socket to charge the phone battery.

Tips to dry or fix a water damaged phone

If your phone damaged with water then you have to take few given simple steps which helps you to quickly dry and fix water damaged phone.

How to dry and fix water damaged phone

Step 1: Immediately switch off your Android phone.

Step 2: Remove the background cover of your device, remove your SIM and microSD card. You must have to remove battery from your device.

Step 3: Use a soft cloth, paper to dry the wet phone. Always remember don’t use any kind of spray or liquid at your Android device.

Step 4: If water damage is too much then you have to use vacuum cleaner to soak the water.

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Step 5: You can also put all the parts of your wet mobile phone in a dry rice container. You have to leave all the parts in the rice container up to 2 or 3 days which help to remove the moisture to remove or fix water damaged phone. You can also take help of phone drying pouches which helps to remove moisture from your phone. If you facing the call problems then you have to put your sim card in another phone to get all important calls.

Step 6: After few days when you fully ensure all the moisture is soak from your phone then you have to put phone battery in your phone. Now try to start your phone it it’s working then again remove phone battery to your device and again put your device for few days in rice container.

Step 7: If you feel your phone still facing problem then you have to send your device to service center to repair your device.

I hope this guide helps you to know how to dry or fix a water damaged phone. You must have to use given steps to resolve water damage issue from your device. If you have any suggestion regarding this guide then please write us with comment box.

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