How to increase Internet speed in Android Device : 7 tips

In present time fast internet speed is play an important role on all android mobile phones. Use tricks, how to increase internet speed in Android mobiles.

How you can use these seven easy going tips and tricks to easily boost up or increase Internet speed in Android mobile phones. Today, is the time of internet and mobile phones and we need quick access of internet on our mobiles. Internet is highly used lot of persons to get additional information on several topics. It is used for business, personal and educational function to catch the latest detail and many more. As per fast growing technology most of the peoples are uses internet on his mobiles and they also uses 2G or 3G services. 2G or 3G services provides us good internet speed but after some time browsing speed in too slow which irritated us.

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Easy steps to improve Internet speed in android mobile phones:

Step 1: Clear all the cache memory from your mobile phone. Don’t fulfil your mobile phone with the cache memory. If any kind of information or any apps, data which is not useful for you then immediately remove them.  This step can increase the speed of internet in your mobile.

Step 2: If you are trying to load lot of un-wanted software’s in your mobile, they reduce internet speed from your mobile. So, always uninstall unused software from your mobile which is no longer useful.

Step 3: For loading highest Kilo Byte date, you need to change or set internet setting to grow internet speed in your mobile.

Step 4: You need to block large or high quality images from your mobile. These images occupy lot of space and also charge to load per KG. You can also use any small quality images to increase the internet speed on your mobile.

Step 5: Never download other applications during the surfing.

Step 6: Always remember mobiles are not provide good speed of internet and if you are receiving weak network signal that you are not able to get proper connectivity of internet. So, always use that SIM card which network is easily available in anywhere.

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Step 7: Load opera mini software in your mobile, to get better internet speed.

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  1. Thanks for the very useful tips to increase our internet speed. It really worked for me. I checked the change in my internet speed by having a speed test at it worked great.

  2. I've been trying out the new CM browser for the last month. Quick in loading pages which is pretty simple basic browser.

    1. Hi ankit

      do you know, why did Google use black background in menu ?

      because any colorful background eat your phone battery. So use default android OS.

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