9 tips to easily secure Android Device

The most important tips to Secure Android device from get hack and slow by updating Rom, install anti-virus, anti-malware and phone tracker.

Now days there are so many issues about security of Android phones. As we all becoming internet user there are so many dangers to our smartphones to get hack. Security of our smartphone is as important as security of our computers. In this article we will discuss security tips for Android phones. Using them you can secure your personal info and data which can be hacked through your smartphones. To secure Android Device follow tips which are mentioned below.

1. Beware while downloading apps from unknown sources:

If you are trying to download some app or game always be careful that the place from where your downloading should be safe site. For this you can use Google Play store which is more trust-able store for downloading apps. You can adjust setting of Android device it can disable downloading unofficial apps. If you are using any new site to download something check rating and reviews of that site.

2. Update your device’s operating system regularly:

Android device users should update operating system regularly. This habit will help to reduce the security risk of your Android phones. Your Android device regularly shows you alert of update. To check updates you can use these steps – first go to Settings – then system updates – tap firmware update.

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tips to easily secure Android Device

3. Install an anti-malware app in your smartphone:

Anti-malware or anti viruses for Androids are very familiar part of the smartphone world. There are many anti-malware apps which you can download and install in your device to enhance the security of your smartphones. Almost all big antivirus companies have their own Android anti malware apps which are Nod32, Kaspersky, AVG, Avast, McAfee and Norton etc. In all these you can get premium version security also.

4. Be careful while using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:

Mostly for our convenient and free internet use we connect with any Wi-Fi connections. But it is very dangerous for our smartphones especially when you are using outdated version of Android. If you are connecting your smartphone to unknown and unsecure Wi-Fi network any third party can hack or use your personal data. So always be careful while using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If your not using net just turn of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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5. Take Back up of your data:

How much methods we use to secure our smartphones but we should be careful to protect our data. So it is best to back up data of your phone for security. Using Verizon’s Backup Assistant Plus and Verizon cloud you should save your phones data and personal info to the cloud. For backing up your text, music, contacts, images, videos u can also use My Backup Pro ($4.99), Lookout Mobile Security (free), Titanium Backup (requires root access, Pro pay and free version available).

6. Save your sensitive data behind an extra encryption layer:

Having our personal info’s like about bank accounts, pin numbers of ATMs etc in smartphones is not safe at all. First we should not save these kind of sensible info in our smartphones but if we are doing this we should apps like mSecure, File Hide Expert. These apps store our data behind a double coated wall of password protection and encryption.

7. Use a lock on your lock screen:

Very simple way of protecting your smartphone. But people mostly avoid it or forget doing this. If you are not using screen lock anyone can easily take possession on your phone. So always remember to enable a lock screen. For this first you should go to setting >> location and security >>enable a pin or pattern style screen lock.

8. Always log-out of sites after making a payment:

If you are using your smartphone for shopping or transporting bank payments always remember to log-out from that site after your task is complete. Never save your username and passwords on your smartphone to secure your data.

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9. Install phone tracker to secure android device:

To avoid the risk of stolen and loss of your phone, you should install phone tracker on your phone from Google Play store. It will help to track your phone, it automatically sends the location of your phone to the given Gmail account. The Google Device Manager is the best app for phone tracker.

I hope you like these tips to secure Android Device from which you will be able to easily secure Android Device without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.

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