How to secure Gmail and Android OS with Google 2-step verification

Google 2-step verification is most important feature by Google in this hacking environment. it is easy to setup for safe our data.

Today we are talking about Google 2-step verification. This is the most important feature for us by Google in this hacking environment. Thanks to Google for this, it is easy to Setup for our data safe.

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A few days ago, I added 2-step authentication with my Google account and my phone with a Google Authenticator Android app. For more Information about 2-step verification visit Google site Google 2-step verification is a policy for security purpose that takes your main or personal email-id and password, and requires 6-digit security code to be feed in order to login in Google account.


That code sent to you via SMS, or called by a predefined phone number, or generated from the Google Apps Authentication app on your Smartphone. You can get to the setup, by clicking on your Google Account Settings, then Security.

Get an Authenticator app:

Windows Phone Authenticator app. Android Google Authenticator.iOS Google Authenticator

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Use Google Apps Authenticator App:

Google 2-step verification works nice if you have an Android/Smartphone to execute the authentication app. If you don’t have your authenticated number at the same time and also you don’t have the password for logged in. In that condition, you can get this code on another mobile phone, due to this reason this app is more reliable.

Backup Codes:

Backup codes play a very important role when you are trying to change your Google password and need to login password, but you didn’t have your phone at that time. In this condition you feed any one backup code to successfully login in Google account.

If you want to take print of these backup codes, then Go to your Google Account settings option >>> Click this option in 2-step security “Show Backup Codes” take a print of these codes. If your mobile stolen and forget any other place these codes will work for open your account.

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Add Backup phone no:

Google provides an option to add other mobile no to backup of your account code. If your mobile stolen and forget any other place your code will send this no for open your account.

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