Keep Safe yourself by Using GPS facility in your Smartphone

Keep Safe yourself by Using GPS facility on Android Smartphone. You can easily trace exact location of any vehicle, building, mobile or any other thing.

Hello friends, you know very about the safety is much important at this time specially for kids, girls and ladies, because crime is spread out in around the world. But there are few tips which keeps you safe, in which one important facility is GPS. So, today we discuss what is the importance of GPS facility in our life and how could we keep safe by using GPS facility in your Smartphone. Before that first we have to known what is the GPS?

GPS Stands for Global Positioning System which is used to track location of any mobile user who uses GPS facility with the help of satellite. Using this facility in your android smartphone you can easily trace exact location of any vehicle, building, mobile or any other thing. This facility is very useful and important to protect your self when you are facing any problem or want to known exact location of any vehicle, phone or any thing.

How GPS Works:

Step 1: User’s device send signals to the satellite. At the same time not only you can easily send signals but also receive signals using the device.

Step 2: These signal transfer to wireless network like internet or Wi-Fi using the device.

Step 3: Wireless network transfer these signals to wireless server and then anyone trace the exact location with the help of internet on your device either computer, laptop, mobile or any other electronic media.

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Where GPS System is used?

GPS system not only used to trace location of any person, but also very helpful for different things. You watch safety camera which is place on different locations these cameras keep recording of your all activities which done by you like home, office, hospitals, shopping malls, showrooms, traffic signals and many more.

Keep Safe yourself by Using GPS facility in your Smartphone

When you riding the vehicle on the road you saw few cameras which is placed on traffic light pole these camera’s are connected with GPS facility. If anybody break the traffic rules and regulations, ride the vehicle very fast speed, remove helmate during running the bike or many more things you easily watch by these camera. These safety camera also placed in different offices, banks, hospitals, shopping malls, different sari, jewelry showrooms and many more locations which keep recording of your all activities which you done. These cameras are also helpful at that location where are lot of pressure of traffic then traffic policeman easily handle traffic using GPS facility.

If you want to give exact location where you are at this time to your family members, friends, colleague then you have to use GPS facility in your smartphone. Each smartphone have the facility for GPS tracking and you can easily turn on this facility on your smartphone by adding few simple settings. You can provide access for one or more persons to easily trace your location using GPS facility on your smartphone. You can use few important apps from which they get signals from your mobile phone and trace your exact location but it work only for those person who already added with these apps. These app are very helpful they not only find exact location of any person but also provide different details like how much time user stay on that location, when he left that location and many more. There are few important app given below which you can use in your smartphone. For example: Glympse, Find My Friends and Google+.

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How to know your location using GPS facility?

If you walking any unknown or new location where you come first time and don’t know where are you standing at this time then you have to use GPS apps in your smartphone and find out your exact location where are you standing at this time and also find right way to reach your destination. If you want to install GPS facility in your smartphone then you have to take following given easy steps:

Step 1: If you don’t have Google Map in your smartphone then first you have to install Google Map in your smartphone.

Step 2: Turn-on Google Map > It show a screen on your smartphone then click on GPS icon.

Step 3: When you click on the GPS icon, these apps show your exact location and provide detail of any landmark also. Which helps the user to easily get the right way to reach any exact location and also know place where he is staying at this time.

How to close GPS in your Smartphone?

Lot of time you face problem if you are using GPS facility in your smartphone, your arrivals or enemies also take advantage of this facility to catch you easily, in that case you can close your GPS facility then nobody can find you’re your exact location and you will be keep safe your self. If you want to close GPS facility on your smartphone then you have to take following steps:
Go to your “Phone Settings” option > Select “Security and Location” option > Now, click on the “GPS Settings / Privacy / Security” option which you have in your smartphone > Turn off GPS setting option from your smartphone.

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This GPS is very important for us, so Keep Safe yourself by Using GPS facility in your Smartphone. I hope you like this article, please give your important suggestion regarding this Using GPS facility article. Thanks.

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