Stay safe and secure by creating a secure password

To make strong or secure password to protect your personal information from hackers. Make your passwords at least 12-16 character long.

Hi friends, today we are talking about password security because mostly people don’t know how to make the strong and secure password to protect their personal information from hackers, they always make simple password and get hacked by hackers  and lost their email, bank accounts and personal information. When we make password, then what should we do and what should we not do, we will see in this article.

What should we do, when we make secure password:

Password Length: Make your passwords at least 12-16 character long.

Complexity: Include a combination of at least three or more upper and lower-case  letters, punctuation, symbols (!, @, #, $, %, * etc.) and number.

Use variation in Password: You must change your passwords regularly. You can set an automatic reminder notification to update your passwords on your email, and set for your credit card every three months.

Use variety in password: You must make variation in your password and you should not use the same password on all of your account and debit or credit cards. Cyber criminals can steal passwords from poor security websites.

Remove browser cache:  Remove browser cache and history after use, your Bank accounts and secure accounts.

Always make strong password: When we make account on the site (like Google mail, yahoo etc.) the website show weak password warning, don’t ignore it. Always make strong password and see warring change or not (see in this image).


Always logout your Account: Always logout your account when you leave your  PC or device like Mobile and Computer.

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What should we not do, when we make a secure password:

Don’t ignore: When we make account on the site (like Google mail) then website show weak password warning, don’t ignore it. Always make a strong password.


Don’t use in password: Don’t use your personal information like house name and number, age, your name or your vehicle number, your phone number,
child’s name, pet’s name etc.

Don’t use common password: Don’t use common a password like “123456” “12345” “111111,” “princess,” “qwerty,” and “abc123” etc.

Don’t make password dictionary words: Don’t use dictionary words as passwords, hackers trace these passwords.

Don’t type your password: Make sure no one watches your password when you type your password on your PC.

Don’t enter passwords: when using unsecured Wi-Fi connections like on the airport or coffee shop, hotels, etc. Hackers can capture your
passwords and data by the unsecured connections.

Don’t tell  your password to anybody: Your trusted person now could not be your trusted person in the future. Try to keep your passwords safe and secure by keeping them to yourself.

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If you check your password strength, then try Microsoft password checker.

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