Top 10 secret features of Android phone or tab

Here you can know important 10 secret features of Android phone which to explore your Android OS and Smartphone or Tab more.

Nowadays Smartphone phone become as a basic need of people to get updated all the times. As we all know that Android become most popular operating system for Smartphones. You can customize this operating system according to your need also, which makes it different from other operating systems. In this article we will discuss about 10 secret features of Android phone which help you to explore your OS and Smartphone more.

Here is secret features of Android phone:

You can see how many apps you have downloaded in your phone:

In Android you can see how many apps you have been downloaded in your Smartphone with the help of your smart Os Android. Android works on your Gmail Account. To see all lists of downloaded apps you first go to Google Search Bar and there you see three lines, click on it. Here you will see Apps and Games, open it, you will find My Apps section. Here you can see whole lists of downloaded apps. You can also download My Purchase also from Google Play Store which can show you details of all apps that purchased and their rates.

Secret features of Android phone

Smart Lock Feature:

For safety of your personal information it is must to put lock pattern or passwords for your Smartphone. But for to check notifications, it sometime become hectic to put password again and again. Here this smart lock feature will help you, which is available in Android 5.0 and it’s above versions. With the help of this lock there is no need to enter your password or pin in trusted conditions. For that you should first go to Settings, click on Security option there. Here your will see Smart lock feature. Now you can customize your password’s or pin’s need as per your choice. This secret features of Android phone uses GPS to find out your trusted location.

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To get deleted notifications

We always delete unnecessary notifications from our notifications panel. But if you deleted some important notifications also by mistake you can get them back. For that on vacant space of your home screen tap for long time and go to Visits. To go to Settings Shortcut Visit swipe on left side. Here you can choose notification log. Tap on it, you will see notification log shortcut on home screen. Now you can tap on notification and see your all notifications there.

You can find your phone which is on silent mode

Sometimes you put your phone somewhere and forget when it is on silent mode. You cannot try to find it by giving ring on it. In this situation you can use Android Device Manager. You can use this feature even to get your stolen phone, to delete data and to lock your phone. To activate it open your browser and type ‘Find my phone through Android Device manager. It will ask you to sign in on google account. Sign in there with the same id which you have been signed in in your phone also. Here you will see three options Ring, Lock and Erase. Choose ring option, and you will hear your phone’s ring from wherever it is.

Checking of your phone’s Hardware:

If you want to check whether your phone’s hardware is working well or not, you can install Phone Tester. With the help of this you can get all information about your phone’s hardware. It is free and it gives you information of Smartphone sensor’s activities, battery temperature, details of came etc.

Zoom in in any screen:

You can choose big text option in your Smartphone anytime, but it only increase phone or stock apps text’s size only. But you can increase others texts or app’s content size. With the help of Magnification gestures you can increase size of your screen for temporary. For this there is no need to install any app. To activate this, go to Settings, you will see Accessibility Menu, click on it and turn on magnification gesture. You can increase content in any screen by triple tap.

Customization of contacts which will call and message you:

If your Smartphone Android has 5.0 Lollipop or it’s upper version, you can choose your contacts which will call you or message you. For this first go to Sound and Notification Settings, scroll interruptions. Here you will see ‘Calls/Text Form’, tap on it and choose those contacts whose calls and messages you want to receive.

Notification Restrictions:

If your friend is using your phone and you don’t want that he checks your notifications of Facebook, whatsapp or texts. You can hide your notifications content. For this go to Settings, click on Sound and notifications, here scroll notifications and choose ‘When device is unlocked’. Here you can choose display or hide option for your notification content.

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Bring most used apps in notification panel:

If your home screen is full, but still your mostly used apps apps are left, then you can make shortcuts of them in notification panel. For this you can download Bar Launcher, Power Toggle, Notification Toggle, 1 Tap Quick etc. All these apps are free and with the help of them you can make shortcuts of your important apps in your notification panel.

I hope you like this secret features of Android phone guide from which you will be able to easily use secret features of Android phone without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.


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