WhatsApp Code Verify – Know how Code Verify feature works

WhatsApp Code Verify feature id s new layer of security. Your important chat on WhatsApp Web will now be more secure, with the browser extension

If you run WhatsApp and you are not aware about WhatsApp Code Verify features, then today we are going to tell you about them. This is a new layer of security, this extension has been released to identify the reality of WhatsApp.

With the help of WhatsApp Code Verify feature, chat on WhatsApp Web will now be more secure, with the browser extension, users will know about the authentication of the web.


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Code verify latest security layer which is used to protect your account. WhatsApp will send you a push notification when someone tries to register a WhatsApp account with your phone number. Please don’t share your verification code with others, this will keep your account safe.

When you receive this notification, it means that someone has entered in to your phone number and requested the registration code. This often happens if another user mistyped your number when trying to enter their own number to register, and can also happen when someone attempts to take over your account.

You should never share your WhatsApp verification code with unauthorized persons. If someone is trying to take over your account, they need the SMS verification code sent to your phone number. Without this verification code, any user attempting to verify your number can’t complete the verification process and use your phone number on WhatsApp. This means you remain in control of your WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp will be more secure than before – WhatsApp Code Verify

To make WhatsApp Web more secure, WhatsApp Code Verify has introduced a browser extension called Code Verify, which will tell users whether the WhatsApp Web they are using is authenticated or not. The web extension automatically verifies the authenticity of the WhatsApp web code being provided to users that their texts are safe and have not been tampered with.

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WhatsApp keeps on bringing something new and exciting to its users from time to time. In such a situation, once again WhatsApp has brought a new feature for its users, so that they can give a new test to their experience. Let us tell you that this time WhatsApp has introduced a new feature to enhance the security of WhatsApp Web. The code checks that your WhatsApp Web code has not been tampered with or modified. It also checks if you get the same WhatsApp Web experience as others.

What is code verification

It is an open source web browser extension that can be added to Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers. According to WhatsApp, it will be automatically pinned in Firefox or Edge browser. Whereas Chrome users will have to pin it. It is being offered as open-source, so that other servers can also use it.

WhatsApp has developed Code Verify Works in partnership with Cloudfare. It is a web infrastructure and security company. WhatsApp has mentioned in its blog that Code Verify provides independent, third party, transparent verification of the code that is being served to WhatsApp Web users. When you access WhatsApp Web after installing the extension in your browser, it will start working immediately.

Will send three types of pop-ups if the extension is not verified

Meta provides open source web extensions for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. “Neither WhatsApp nor Meta will know that someone has downloaded the Code Verify plugin,” according to Meta. The Code Verify addon, in particular, is unable to message or communicate between two users on Cloudflare.

When you access WhatsApp Web after installing the extension in your browser, it will start working immediately. The toolbar on the web browser allows users to view the results. When the extension cannot verify that you are using WhatsApp Web, it shows three messages. If the WhatsApp web code is fully validated, the code verify sign will turn green. If you see an orange icon, it means that you need to reload your page or Code Verify is being interfered with by another browser extension. If you see a red icon, it means “The WhatsApp Web code you’re being given may pose a potential security risk.”

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