How to use the Chrome Dark Mode feature

Google is now testing the Chrome dark Mode. After its roll-out, users will also be able to use chrome dark Mode. This makes the entire theme dark.

Dark mode has been available in many apps including Facebook Messenger and Skype. This mode is Power Saving as well as enabled users to have a better experience. In this sequence, Google is now testing the dark theme in its Chrome. After its roll-out, users will also be able to use dark themes on Chrome. Here we are telling you how to enable dark mode on Chrome.

Chrome Dark Mode Enabled

The dark mode of Chrome has been seen in beta version. This allows users to view web pages in dark mode. This option has been made live in Chrome Canary. This makes the entire theme of the browser dark. According to the Android Police, the high-contrast has to be enabled by going to the settings of Chrome. This feature blackens all light backgrounds. However, the menu will remain in the original color. Also the address bar and navigational options will remain in their original color.

Chrome Dark Mode

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How to Use Chrome dark mode feature

Step 1: To use this feature, you have to download Google Chrome Experimental Chrome Canary Browser on your Android phone.

Step 2: Open this browser and open chrome: // flags. Enable-android-web-contents-dark-mode flag will be enabled from here.

Step 3: After that you have to restart your browser. Doing this will enable dark mode on your browse

When will Chrome dark mode be available

This feature is currently available in the Canary version. However, some bugs will also be present in it. When it will be presented in the stable version of Chrome, its information has not been found at this time.

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Facebook Messenger also came in dark mode

Facebook has added the Dark Mode feature to its messaging service app Facebook Messenger. In the developer conference held in May last year, Facebook spoke about the feature of this feature. Although officially the company did not name the feature This feature has recently been spotted in some users’ smartphone. To activate this feature, you have to send any user from your contact with your messenger app by making an emoji of moon. As soon as you send the emoji, you will see ‘You found Dark Mode!’ Popup at the top.

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