How to enable VoLTE Letv Le 1s x507

This is an unofficial method to enable VoLTE Letv Le 1s guide and here is an easy and safe guide for enable VoLTE Letv Le 1s.

Hi, today we discuss about enable VoLTE Letv Le 1s. This is an unofficial method to enable VoLTE Letv Le 1s guide and here is an easy and safe tutorial for enable VoLTE Letv Le 1s.

What is VoLTE:

VoLTE (Voice over Long-Term Evolution) is a standard for high-speed wireless communication for mobile phones and data terminals. It is based on the IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) network.

Preparation of enable VoLTE Letv Le 1s:

1. Take a backup of your phone.
2. Your phone battery should charge 80% minimum.
3. Your device must have Custom Recovery like TWRP Recovery.
4. Read all steps then do it careful.

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Download ROM for Letv Le 1S:

File Name Download link
Letv Le 1S EUI 5.8.419D Dev Rom Download
Letv Le 1s TWRP Flash Guide Download
Letv Le 1s USB driver Download

How to install EUI 5.8.419D Dev Rom in Letv Le 1s:

Step 1: Download EUI 5.8.419D Dev Rom. Connect your phone to PC and copy downloaded EUI 5.8.419D Dev files into your Phone Internal Storage. Do not copy into any folder or SD card!!

Step 2: Now shut down your device and long press volume UP and power button to recovery mode. See in this image.

recovery mode

Step 3: Your phone is going to recovery mode. Now click on wipe and go to Advanced Wipe. Then Select Wipe cache, Dalvik cache, System, data and swipe to confirm it.

CM13.0 ROM installing process 1

Step 4: Now, Go to main menu and click on Install option. then locate downloaded EUI 5.8.419D Dev select downloaded file and swipe to confirm Flash. installing process is start. Don’t interrupt this process, it might to take 4-6 minutes.

CM13.0 ROM installing process 2

Step 5: After the Flashing process completed, Now wipe cache and Dalvik cache again and Reboot your device.

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How to enable VoLTE Letv Le 1s:

After install EUI 5.8.419D Dev Rom in Letv Le 1s, Now you are ready to enable VoLTE Letv Le 1s .

Step 1: Now your Letv Le 1s and le 1s Eco on EUI 5.8.419D Dev Rom. This rom is almost same as EUI 5.8.019S Stable rom, Don’t worry!!

Step 2: Go to setting menu and click on Dual SIM & mobile networks. Now, select your 4G Sim like IND-JIO, then click on Access point name(APN).

enable VoLTE Letv Le 1s Eco 1

Step 3: Now create New APN >> Name:Jio >> APN:jionet >> APN type:default >>APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6 >> APN roaming protocol: IPv4/IPv6 then click on Done. after create a new APN create one more Name:ims >> APN:ims >> APN type:ims >>APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6 >> APN roaming protocol: IPv4/IPv6 then click on Done. See in this image.

enable VoLTE Letv Le 1s Eco 2

Step 4: Now, Go to setting menu and click on Dual SIM & mobile networks and Enable Enhance 4G LTE Mode. then go to call option and dial *#*#3646633#*#*. Now, you are in engineering mode.

enable VoLTE Letv Le 1s Eco 3

Step 5: Then select IMS, click on Common option. Now, select mncmmc check, then you will see mncmmc check option is On. You select mncmmc check off and you will see set successful pop up. wait some time and you can see HD option for VoLTE.

enable VoLTE Letv Le 1s Eco 4

Now you can use your jio sim for calling easily without Jio 4G Voice app. this procedure is working when your device is on. if your device is reboot or turn off then engineering mode trick apply again. (Step 4 and step 5 is repeat again.)

I hope you like this enable VoLTE Letv Le 1s guide from which you will be able to easily enable VoLTE Le 1s without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.

Note: I am not responsible if you make Mistakes and Bricked Devices.


  1. Hi sir.
    Please help me with the Volte I’ve read the article but ended up getting confused so can you please help me by step by step process..And what do I have to install first

  2. sir i m using 5.8.19s i copyy all the steps nd ithe vole is eneabled
    but after 2 months when i factory rest my phone in twrp
    and then i follow all steps agin but volte is not enable this time
    even i cant use 4g voice it say use ur phone dialer to make call
    help me urgent

  3. sir,
    i have done the upated in my phone but am receving a message that stopped worikng,
    how to solve this issue

  4. Hi I us my letv le 1s x507 phone I want to convey volte my phone
    I try this proses but not a success plz plz Halp me

  5. Hello brother,

    I have done whatever u said in this video but prior to that using recovery mode I have installed the Le 1S EUI 5.8.419D Dev Rom .

    Now Iam suffering with the issues like
    chinese apps, No playstore, some options show in chinese language,
    Fast charging option missing,

    Managed to installed playstore.

    I just able to see a option enhanced 4g LTE mode and nothing else with which u will have unticked 1st and 3rd option but everything u shown in the video has to be done and as like everybody the settings will go when restarted.

    Even for the development version also has to suffer this issues? If YES

    Then whats the use in installing this ROM? and what are the side effects of using this? I cannot see my imei also instead some bido imei it shows.

    Can u help me please, what shud be done?

        1. Hello Naresh Kumar,

          I have done all those procedure u said above.
          I can see the HD option and I can able to make jio calls.

          But because of installing this developer stock ROM ( Le 1S EUI 5.8.419D Dev Rom).

          LETV live gone
          APP lock gone, Battery temperature, quick charge,
          Playstore etc etc all gone.

          Though I select english before booting up I still see most of the things in chinese.
          I have managed to installed all indian playstore apps but is there any permanent fix for this?

          Most apps crashes and goes to trouble reporting page.



          Please read completely and guide us

  6. After installing the rom the language changed to chinese and there is no play store please help me

  7. by pressing the down volume button and power button it entres the recovry mode can you the picture of it .when i tried it it just shows fast boot reocvery that s all

    1. Hi, Raj,
      Read Carefully i clearly mention Volume Up and Power button for Recovery mode.


  8. Hey there., How to send messages using volte, do we have to install jio4gvoice app to send messages…??

    1. Hi, Rajendra Chavan

      If you enable volte then you don’t need jio4gvoice app. You can make call via phone dailer and send message via SMS app.

    1. hi faisal,

      I personally Enable VoLTE on my Le 1s X507 using this method. so you read aal steps carefully and try again . its working.


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