Excel DatedIF function Compare between two dates

DatedIF function is quickly get difference of days, months or years between given two dates. DatedIF is categorized as a Date/Time Function.

The Excel DatedIF function allows you to quickly calculate the difference between given dates. You can easily calculate the difference between start and end date in years, months, days and many more.

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Excel provides the DatedIF function that comes from older workbooks Lotus 1-2-3. The Excel DatedIF function may calculate incorrect results under due to certain scenarios. You can use this function in all Excel versions except Excel 2000. Excel has lot of inbuilt and user defined function helps to resolve complex calculation and provide quick result.

DatedIF function is very useful function which is used to calculate the age of any person. The DatedIF function not only used to calculate the difference between two dates but also calculate the time difference in unit argument. You must have to always remembers if starting date is greater than end date then this function generate #NUM error. But you can easily remove any error value with the help of IFError function in Excel.

Excel DatedIF function

DATEDIF (start_date,end_date,unit)

Start_date The date which represents the first or starting date of the period.
End_date The date that represents the last or ending date of the period.
Unit The type of information that you want returned in years, months or days.

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Unit Return value

“Y” Difference in the completed years
“M” Difference in the completed months
“D” Difference in the days
“MD” Difference in the days, ignoring months and years
“YM” Difference in the months, ignoring days and years
“YD” Difference in the days, ignoring years

Excel DatedIF function

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I hope this guide is useful for all those guys who want to know how could they easily get the difference between two dates. If you have any query then please drop your query in comment box. Thanks to all.

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