Facebook Quiet Mode block notifications for Android iOS

Facebook brings feature for Android and iPhone users. Facebook Quiet Mode allows you to block or pause incoming notifications for a while.

Facebook is rolling out a new “Facebook Quiet Mode” feature for its iOS and Android apps. This kind of feature is also in the iPhone, which is called screen time. With the help of this feature, users doing work from home will be able to block Facebook notifications for a fixed time. People are using social media apps fiercely during lockdown. On Facebook too, users have become more active than before.

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In such a situation, Facebook has brought a new feature for those users who are doing work from home. The name of this feature is Quiet Mode. Actually, if you are using Facebook during work from home, then with the help of quad mode you will be able to pause push notifications. Facebook currently features mute push notifications.

Facebook will get feature here – Facebook Quiet Mode

When you activate Quiet mode, the app’s interface hides behind fullscreen notifications, reminding that the setting is on and displays how much time is left until Quiet mode ends.
The Quiet Mode feature will be found in Facebook app within Your Time One Facebook.

Facebook Quiet Mode

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Which the company started in 2018. From here you can find out how much time you spend on Facebook. Not only this, from here you can also set a limit to use Facebook. According to the company, the user can also use this feature manually. Or it can also be scheduled. So that it becomes active by itself on time.

You can also use Do Not Disturb, Flip to Shhh or Airplane mode for some upcoming notifications. And if you are very much disturbed by these notifications, you can uninstall the Facebook app or even delete your Facebook profile completely. If you are busy daily during work from home from 9 to 6 pm. During this time you do not want Facebook notifications, so you can set this timing in this mode. During this time when you will not get Facebook notifications, then you will be able to focus more on work.

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You can tap on the “Manage quality mode” button to go to your settings and disable the feature at any time.

Facebook Quiet Mode is placed in the category of Time Spand. This kind of feature is also in the iPhone, which is called screen time. In the screen time section for the Quiet mode, the company has also added a Weekly Report option. Which tells the user how much time you are spending on Facebook throughout the week.

Process to use Facebook Quiet Mode

Follow the steps given below to activate Facebook Quiet Mode.

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  1. Open your Facebook account first.
  2. Now going to the main menu, tap on Settings and Privacy.
  3. Now tap on Your Time on Facebook and tap Manage Your Time.
  4. Two options Quiet Mode and Scheduled Quiet Mode will be seen here.
  5. You can activate the notification block by going to Quiet Mode.
  6. You can block notifications up to the fix time by going to Scheduled Quiet Mode.

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