How to open proxy banned or blocked sites on computer by google

A tutorial to open proxy banned or blocked sites like Facebook, YouTube, songs and movies in the School, Colleges and Offices.

In many colleges, offices and in school administration blocks some sites especially social networking sites to avoid the destruction’s of students from studies. But many time you have been tried to open these sites to check your mail account or to download movies or to listen songs. But cause of block by administration you cannot achieve your task. So there are many ways by those you can open block sites. Here we will see those ways to open block sites: today we talking about How to open proxy banned or blocked sites on computer by google.

1. Open blocked sites by mobile URL:

Lots of the proxy server and IT manager are not blocking mobile URL like This URL is open as Facebook mobile app layout on your browser.  So, enjoy this trick.

2. Open proxy banned or blocked sites by shortening URL

The above way will only work if website’s URL address is not blocked, if it is so then you can follow this another way to unblock site.

Step 1. First of all open one of them shortening website:

  • bitly site

Step 2. Now in given box type the URL of that blocked website.

Step 3. This shortening site will give you short URL of that blocked site.

Step 4. Now type this short URL in your browser and work on that site.

3. Open blocked sites by

This is Google domain and this is work grate as a bypass proxy. You can use and enjoy like this:

4. Open blocked sites with the help of IP address of that particular website

With the help of IP address of related website anyone can unblock that site. Usually to block a site on computer it’s URL address is used. So if you know the IP address of that site you can open that blocked site from that PC easily. For this you have to follow these steps:

Step 1. First of all go to the start menu of computer and click on the Run >>> Now type CMD in that Run command box.

Step 2. As you type CMD a black colored window will be open in front of user. Now type the URL address of related website in this window, which website you want to unblock. Like

Step 3. You should write it – “Ping” >>> As you run ping command the URL address of that website will be shown in front of you. Copy this URL >>> Now type this URL in your browser and press enter. That website will be work and become unblock.

5. Open proxy banned or blocked sites by use country-specific URL:

Google has country specific URL like for Australia and for India, etc. use these Google URLs,  because you can use band site through country specific URL of Google. Use this trick like this: –

Must read:

6. Open blocked sites with the help of Proxy Server

By changing the settings of Proxy Server you can also unblock any website.

Step 1. Open Google Chrome browser >>> Then go to Settings >>> Advance Settings. Click on it >>> Now click on Change proxy settings there.

Step 2. A box will be open in front of you, select LAN Settings option there and click on Use Proxy for your LAN >>> Now type the name of that websites which you want to open in Address Field >>> Type 80 for port number >>> Now click on ok, your site will be open in browser.

7. Open proxy banned or blocked sites With the help of Ultrasurf tool

This Ultrasurf tool is used to open all blocked website. For this:
Step 1. Download Ultrasurf tool.

Step 2. Now unzip downloaded file and install it on your computer >>> A window will be opened in front of you minimize that >>> As this file installed in your computer, it will start work itself. All websites will start to open in your browser.

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