How to use Paste Special Formats in MS Word

Paste special dialog box you can easily paste, copied data in different Paste Special Formats in MS Word and also create paste link.

Hello friends, we know very well about the MS Word. Most of the personal know very well how to move (cut and paste) data or copy (copy and paste) data from one location to another location, but do you know that during copy and paste you have to use different formats using paste special box in MS Word. There are lot of Paste Special Formats in MS Word. You can use these various formats in the active document of MS Word as per your need.

So, today we discuss how you can easily paste copied data in different formats at another location as per your requirement. Before that we have to know about the MS Word.

Definition of MS Word

It is powerful word processing application software which is generally used to create error free document. In document you can create letters, labels, envelope, email message, thesis, directory and many more as per your requirement. The default extension of all saved document in MS Word is:-*.DOC(Document) up to 2003 *.DOCX 2007 and above versions.
If you want to copy formatted data from one place to another place in active or any another document in MS Word and also want to use different formats during pasting then you have to take few simple steps: Paste-Special-in-MS-Word

Steps to use “Paste Special”:

Step 1: Select formatted data which you want to copy. Formatted data means after selecting any text you have to make bold, italic, underline, change font and font style, font color, apply different effects, set alignment, line and paragraph spacing and many more on selected text is known as formatting.

Step 2: Click on the “Copy” command either from Home tab > “Copy” button or you can also open contextual tab by pressing right mouse button or pressing “Shift + F10” key  then select copy option or you can also press “Ctrl + C” shortcut key to quickly copy selected data.

When you click copy or cut command your data will transfer to the “Clipboard” area. Clipboard is a temporary storage area which holds your cut or copied data and paste it another location until clipboard area is empty.

Step 3: Click Home tab > Click arrow button of Paste option > Click “Paste Special” option or you can also press “Alt + Ctrl + V” shortcut key to quickly open paste special dialog box.

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Step 4: Select any required format as your requirement in paste special dialog box:

Paste Special Formats in MS Word:

Microsoft Word Document Object:

Insert the copied data from clipboard area in to the active document with formatting so that you can easily edit data or change formatting in MS Word document.

Formatted Text (RTF):

This format is used to insert copied data from clipboard as a text with the table and font formatting.

Unformatted Text:

This option is used to paste data without any type of formatting in active document.

Picture (Enhanced Metafile):

This option is used to insert data from clipboard as an enhanced metafile as per your requirement.

HTML Format:

If you want to insert or paste, copied data from clipboard as a web page or HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) format then select this option.

Unformatted Unicode Text:

This option also treats as unformatted text option mean this option insert copied data from clipboard without any type of formatting in active document.

Paste Link:

This is another important utility of MS Word. With the help of this option you can easily insert copied data in any format at any location in active document of MS Word. Paste Link option is used to create a shortcut to the source file. When you make any kind of modification at source location, it automatically reflect on target location.

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Step 5: Finally click on the OK button or you can also press Enter key.

I hope you like Paste Special Formats guide from which you will be able to easily use Paste Special Formats in MS Word. Give your important suggestion in the comment box. It is very useful for novice users who are not have proper command on MS Word. Thanks.

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