How to use Voice Messaging Features in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular app to send free multimedia voice or text message, audio, video, image on smartphone. Voice Messaging Features in WhatsApp.

Hi, friends today we are taking about “How to use Voice Messaging Features in WhatsApp”. WhatsApp Messenger is a very popular apps used to sent free multimedia voice or text messages, audio, video, images fro free for smartphones. WhatsApp has achieved 400 million active users monthly and has touched a milestone that no one mobile messaging service.

How to use Voice Messaging Features in WhatsApp:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp

Step 2: open any contact then you will find type option in the bottom

Step 3: In the type option you will find Mic icon right side corner

How to use Voice Messaging Features in WhatsApp

Step 4: Press and Hold this option and say your voice massage, you will see voice recorder start recording.

Step 5: When you complete your Massage then leave it. that’s all

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Some important features of WhatsApp are given below:

1. Transfer WhatsApp history to others: You can transfer or sent your WhatsApp history to others by email. WhatsApp will create an email with the complete text conversation, including any pictures, voice or video clips history.

2. Change the WhatsApp chat wallpaper: You have to change your boring wallpaper in your chat window from Wallpaper option in the chat menu.

3. Save videos and images: The images and videos that you are sent during the chatting on WhatsApp remain stored on your mobile in given location WhatsAppMediaWhatsApp Images folder.

4. No need to pay: After downloading WhatsApp on your mobile there is no need to pay amount to pay for downloading and using this app. WhatsApp uses Internet connection from broadband, 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi facility for chatting.

5. Easy Installation: First you have to open the location where the .apk file is stored. Just double click on the file, it should install the .apk on your mobile phone.Voice messages: You can send video, images & voice messages to your friends and other contacts on your phone.

6. Group chatting: At the same time you can use group discussions with your links.No international charges: There is no extra cost taken for sending any international mail or WhatsApp messages.

7. No need to remember usernames & password: During using WhatsApp facility there is no need to remember username and password just like other apps on your phone.

8. Always ON: WhatsApp is always active on your mobiles there is no need for logoff. Offline messages: WhatsApp automatically save your offline messages.

9. Backup & Restore Facility on WhatsApp messages: You can take regular backup of chat history and If you accidentally deleted your chats history of WhatsApp on windows or android mobile phones then you can easily recover chat messages back.

10. Quick Sent Messages: During the chatting on WhatsApp on mobile, you just type any text message or upload any video or image file just press enter key to quick sent your messages to a single or multiples persons.

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11. Set/Change Profile Image: You just set or change your profile picture on WhatsApp from Settings option and then choose Profile option. You just pick profile image either from your phone or snap your image from your mobile camera.

12. Modify WhatsApp Status: You can set or change your WhatsApp status like at work or in a meeting or sleeping to warn the peoples they current time why you are not available for chat.

I hope you like this Whatsapp Voice Messaging Features guide from which you will be able to easily use Whatsapp Voice Messaging Features without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.

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