Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 simple, beautiful, and smart

Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 comes with easy multitasking, rich notifications, customizable home screens and deep interactivity.

Google now come up with new version of Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 which has many qualities which people will like most as multitasking, improved notifications, customizable home screens, adjustable widgets and it enhance the way of communication and sharing. Google gave it a tasty name code which Ice Cream Sandwich, expected as delicious in accessing as its name.

Refined, evolved UI

This new version enable user’s common actions more visible and navigation become more simple and intuitive gestures. Interactions become more engaging and interesting cause of new refined animations and feedback. It has high resolution screen which improved readability and make users feel polished and modern interface.

The feature of multitasking is the key of Android and this feature is improved in this new version. It has an option called Recent App button through that user can easily jump from one task to another.


Incoming calls

Improved and interactive notifications allow users to keep himself in regular touch with the recent incoming messages. User can easily play music and he can easily check updates from app. In this version devices which has smaller screen notifications shown on the top of the screen and the devices which has larger screen notifications shown on the system bar.

Home screen folders and favorites tray

In 4.0 version of Android users can easily get information of any app and immediately take action of uninstalling. On devices which are having smaller screen now this version added a option of favorite’s tray. User can easily customize this favorite’s tray and drag any app, shortcuts, folders and set priority of any item. User can change priority of any app and change list of favourite’s tray easily.

Resizable widgets

This version has resizable widgets which help user to embed live application content through this interactive widgets. This improved widgets allow users to check email, flip through a calendar, play music, and check social sites and many more things directly from home screen without reaching each apps. Quality of resizable enable users to expand and shrink any content to use space properly.

New lock screen actions

Google come up with new lock screen feature through that user can do many task without unlocking screen. Users can directly jump to the camera for photo or pull down any notification window to check messages through slide lock screen without unlocking. Even while listening music, users can easily manage music tracks.

Powerful voice input engine

Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 launched a new feature which is called Voice Input Engine. This feature offers continuous “open microphone”. By this new voice input engine user can easily dictate the text, for a long period in whatever language you choose. When you dictate text through this feature this voice input engine underlined mistakes in gray. After your dictation done, you can easily replace these mistake from right suggestions.

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Control over network data

Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 introduced new controlling feature over network data. User can see the total data usages in colorful chart through the Setting apps. User can also check amount of data used by particular app. According to user’s data plan user can set limit of data usage so that he can manage available data limit. User can also manage background data which is used by individual apps.

Designed for Accessibility

Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 improved the accessibility for blind and visually impaired users. Feature of new explore by touch mode allows visually challenged users to navigate without having to see the screen. User can also get voice feedback. When accessibility feature activated on your device, everything which is visible on screen will be spoken aloud.

Communication and sharing

In users devices social groups, profiles and contacts are linked together for easy accessibility. This new people app center introduce  improved profile information which is having larger profile picture, addresses, phone numbers and status updates, accounts, vents. It has new button to connect with social sites.

It has a new “Me” profile in which all your contact information saved. It allows users to share apps easily. Users all contacts seen in a single list which can be easily managed.

Rich and versatile camera capabilities

Android improved camera app with many new features which allow users to click special moments. After clicking images, user can edit and share photos and videos immediately. To capture clear images there are many features which help users like continuous focus, zero shutter lag exposure and decreased shot to shot speed. User can click snapshots on full video resolution.

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Live Effects for transforming video

Collection of graphical transformations is called Live Effects which enhance the  fun and interest to videos captured in the camera app. User can edit various thing of captured video like user can change background of video. Many morphing effects also available which can be set by user for silly faces.

Cloud connected experience

Google always connected Android with cloud connected, which allows users to browse the web, games, emails apps etc from any location and across all your devices. This new version enhance capabilities of email and browsing which make your communication organized.

Improved email

In this new version email became easier to send and manage. To compose an email you can use improved auto-completion of recipient which help you to find and add frequent contacts. User can input frequently used text, for this users can create quick responded and save them in an app. For reply of any message user cannot toggle to Reply All and forward without changing on screens.

Thanks to Google for Android. I love Android. 

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