Smadav Antivirus Restore Virus Hidden Files in USB

SmadAV Antivirus is Indonesia local antivirus. It is fix registry issue and show auto hide file in Pendrive and other storage device.

SmadAV Antivirus is an offline good antivirus. It is fixing the registry issue and show auto hide files in Pen drive and other storage device. Mostly antivirus cannot install with other antivirus but you can install SmadAV antivirus with any other antivirus. Because this antivirus is designed to give primary protection to your computer. It consumes very small resource usages of your Computer.

Additional protection for your computer

SmadAV has its own way in matter of behaviour, heuristic, and white-listing and in detecting & cleaning viruses that will more improve the security of the computer. This antivirus will defend your computer from virus infection and clean your registry.

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Good USB Antivirus

Smadav able to clear any virus which infects and also restore hidden files of virus from USB Storage device. It has portable utility. This antivirus has special technology which gives total prevention of virus that spreads through USB drive. It has enough signatures of viruses that infect the flash. SmadAV is occupied with the special ability of detecting new viruses in flash. This antivirus not only works on prevention, but it also has the capability to clean up a virus that infects a restores virus in files in a USB drive.


Smadav Antivirus: Good for offline purpose

SmadAV do not need regular updating as comparative other antivirus which needs regular updates as per per day. Users have to update SmadAV only once a month. SmadAV is not fully dependent on the signature or virus database, but it is extremely depending on the behaviour detection systems, white-listing and heuristic.

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Download Smadav Antivirus Click Here

Cleaner to remove the virus

SmadAV is used to clean the infected virus on your computer and also fix registry files which is changed by the virus, but other antivirus generally does not clean the registry so that the computer cannot return to normal condition after cleaning your Computer.


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