Smartphone can harm your neck and eyes disease, be careful

Due to continuously uses smartphone for long time have worst impact at human body. Phone can harm your neck and eyes disease, so be careful.

The world of smartphones has changed, today everyone keeps looking at smartphones. Smartphones and mobile data today work just like oxygen. In this article we can check how smartphone can harm your neck and eyes disease, how you could be careful.

We have become so many of our smartphones that they have started using it continuously. Consistent with the use of smartphones, the worst impact on our eyes. Actually our lifestyle has become such that we can not get away from smartphones and other electronic devices.

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Various diseases are increasing rapidly in people due to changing lifestyle and mobile. According to a research, every person in India spends time on an average of 3 hours on mobile. Many young people spend even more time on mobile. The problem of ‘Text Neck’ syndrome and eye problems is spreading rapidly through mobile use.

Why does the problem of eyes and neck from mobile?

People who use smartphones live in a different world. These people do not waste their time on phone, but they are far from family members. Things are similar to abuse and addiction. People who use phones more often feel very isolated. Such people feel loneliness, sadness and anxiety. This has been revealed in a study.

Smartphone can harm your neck and eyes disease, be careful

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According to the study, those who use smartphones more often are lost in the phone between activities and can not keep their focus. There is a need to create awareness about the proper use of the phone that such addiction makes us mentally tired and does not allow rest.

We all continually use our smartphones. It has a bad effect on our eyes. Many people ignore this point. One of the reasons for this is that our lifestyle and work do not allow us to leave the smartphone or other electronic devices.

A University of Toledo research has revealed that due to continuous working on a smartphone or other device for a long time, a person can lose his viewing power by the age of 50. There are also more possibilities of eye disease. In such a way, we are telling you a few ways to avoid this problem.

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Smartphone can harm your neck and eyes disease

By adopting given these methods you will not cause eyes and neck disease.

1. According to the optical chemistry research in the Blue Eye Eye Retina, the important molecules change into cell types. It has a profound impact on the eyes.

2. Keep the gadgets at the level of the eyes and keep your pockets in mind while using them.

3. According to Optical Chemistry Research, Blue Light transforms important molecules into cell membranes in the eye retina. It has a profound impact on the eyes. It has been claimed in the study that working in Blue Light continuously can cause eye disorders. Or the person can lose the power to see till the age of 50.

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4. Do not use any digital equipment continuously. Continue to break him in a little while.

5. For this, you can turn on the Blue Light by going to the display settings of your smartphone. With this, you can also choose high-quality screen protectors.

6. Exercise regularly, especially exercises associated with neck and eyes can solve this problem.

7. If you work on a laptop / computer continuously, then you should have a check-up from time to time. In order to keep your eye right, you should also consult the doctor and bring you the eye-drops.

8. Be cautious of health and get them aware of the dangers of online games or children active on social media all day long.

9. In the dark there should not be any other device’s screen including smartphones. If you put the specs then you should choose high-quality lenses which come with Blue Light and UV filters.

10. Eyes should be washed regularly from day to day. Applying night glasses at night is also a better option.

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