Tip to improve performance of your Smartphone

Now Smartphone becomes very slow by constant use. In this article we will know about maintaining speed and improve performance of your Smartphone.

Now Smartphones are became the habit of common folk. It became our need. We constantly use these phones but as time passes the speed of smartphones become slow. In this article we will discuss about the maintenance and fast speed of smartphones and you can improve performance of your Smartphone easily.

Use of antivirus

On smartphones we access internet that can invite viruses in your phone. Once a virus enter in your smartphone it will destroy the speed of your phone. It can destroy your phone’s data too. So to avoid this condition one should use antivirus in one’s phone and update it time to time.


Resetting of smartphone

You should reset your phone time to time. It helps your phone to be in normal mode. When you reset your phone it runs same as it was in beginning.

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Update your phone

You should update your phone regularly that will useful in fast access of your phone. Updation of smartphone helps to fix firmware bugs in your phone.

Use of Play store

You can search many apps from Playstore which can increase the speed of your phone. On Playstore there are many apps, but you should search app according to your phone. For old smartphones Auto task killer app can be good option. Installation of this app can fast up your phone’s speed. Beside it Juicedefender app, apps to SD card can also increase your phone’s speed.

Clearance of Internal memory space

If internal memory has low space it can slow your phone’s speed. So you should clear the internal memory space of your phone as maximum you can do. For that you can shift data from internal memory to external memory of your phone.

Use of wallpapers

To make smartphone attractive people use live, moving of animated wallpapers but they can slow your smartphone’s speed. So try avoid the use of these kind of wall papers.

Use of Selective apps

In your phone there are many apps and you also install other apps too. But always try to delete unwanted apps because there are many apps which slow your smartphone’s speed. Apps which are not useful or you can access your phone without these apps, uninstall them.

Clearance of build in storage

If build in storage of your phone become 90% full, then it will slow your phone’s speed. For normal speed of your phone you should take care that build in storage of your phone should be about 10 to 20 percent empty. For this you should delete unuseful apps and clear your cache memory time to time.

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Clearance of App Cache

Clear your phone’s app cache memory timely. Apps which are mostly used, create much cache which slow your phone’s speed. To clear cache go to settings, and select app cache which you want to clear and click on clear cache.

Restart of your phone

This also can help to increase your phone’s memory. By doing it all apps of your phone’s closed and your phone works on normal speed.


In this article we will discuss about the maintenance and fast speed of smartphones and you can improve performance of your Smartphone easily.

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