How to improve Android smartphone battery life with 7 tips

Here is simple and easy tips to improve Android Smartphone battery life. Samsung, Micromax and Sony etc are powerful phone but these have battery problem.

Android Smartphones like LG, HTC, Samsung and Micromax are really great, but unfortunately, they do not have an endless battery power. Android Devices consumes extra battery as compare to any other Mobile Smartphone. Networks move from 2G to 3G and 4G networks. So, follow these tips to increase battery life of your Android Smartphone. Today we are going to tell you about improve Android smartphone battery life in this article. If you liked this article, then you must comment about it.

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How to see which apps and hardware are using the max battery:

Click to Navigate button –> System setting –> Battery –> You can see which apps eat your battery. If you see that any other app or feature which consume lots of your phone battery, then quickly remove that app from your Smartphone.


Simple tips to improve Android smartphone battery life

1. Set brightness to dim or adjust automatically:

Set brightness to dim it is best for your battery and your Eyes. If you don’t want to set on dim, then use automatic brightness adjust apps. Android Market has lots of apps for this.

2. Turn off unnecessary hardware:

Latest Smartphone have lots of features that have LTE, GPS, Wifi, GPRS and Bluetooth, but we don’t have requirement of these features in all twenty four hours in a day. These apps and hardware keep eat your battery life in the background. You can quickly and easily  enable or disable GPS, Wifi, and Bluetooth by quick setting bar.

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3. Remove unnecessary live wallpaper and home screen widgets:

Remove unnecessary live wallpaper, home screen widgets and icon, because live wallpaper and home screen widgets consuming Battery power in the background.

4. Reduce screen time-out:

In your phone’s you can find this option in the display settings menu, you can get an option like Screen Timeout.  If you want to increase your phone battery life you must be short your  phone screen time out. In most of the Android Device the minimum screen time-out will be set at 15 seconds. If your phone screen time-out is set to 1 or above minutes, in that case you have to set screen time-out at 30 seconds or less.

5. Don’t leave apps running in the background:

Android Smartphones have multitasking capability to run more than one app at the same time. It is reduce lots of battery life, because every running app uses your phone’s processor and other hardware resources. you must Kill these apps for reduce your CPU’s workload and also reduce batter consumption. So kill all apps which are running in the background. You can use Advanced Task Killer, it has an auto killing feature and now just using this app on my phone.

6. Do not use vibrate mode:

Lots of people don’t know that that vibration mode consume much battery power as compare other mode like Ring mode.  So, i suggest you to use ring mode on your mobile than vibration mode to save your phone battery life.

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7. Turn off unnecessary notifications:

Almost every app use internet facility on your mobile to regularly updates different kind of information, messages and many more. It is consuming your phone battery life very much. So, turn-off unnecessary notifications on your mobile.


  1. Plz my no.8475005059
    my phone battery pickup not working. Plz help sir !!!!!!!!!!!!
    direct battery 100=90 Decrease automatically? Plz solution .

  2. in my phone cell standby and cell idle consuming a lot of battery .that is 49% and 35 % respectively.what can i do to fix it

    1. Hi Sangam

      My suggestion is first of all, full charged your phone then play games.

    2. in my phone cell standby and cell idle consuming a lot of battery .that is 49% and 35 % respectively.what can i do to fix it

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