Top 5 Mobile Apps – Boost speed of Android Smartphone

Mobile apps is used to quickly Boost speed of Android Smartphone by removing junk files, viruses, cache and browsing history, stop unwanted apps.

Hi everyone when you buy a new smartphone you will be very happy for watching features of your android smartphone, speed, storage capacity and many more, but after some time lot of people complain that his android smartphone working process in go down day to day and they don’t understand what is the problem, why your smartphone working speed is go down and many other question arise in our mind.

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Most of the people immediately format his smartphone by rooting processing but if you don’t have knowledge how to properly root your device then you will be lost all important details of your phone and also face lot of problems. So, today we have to discuss how you could easily boost speed of Android Smartphone in this article. There are lots of mobile apps available on the internet from which you can easily increase speed your android smartphones, but i telling you few important third party mobile apps which help any user to easily increase the mobile phone speed.


We know very well when your computer performance is slow down then first you have to remove unwanted files and software, run different utility programs like disk defragmenter, scan disk, CCleaner and many more from your desktop personal computer, laptop and notebook. Just like computer your mobile phone performance is slow down due to store lot of junk and temp files and unused apps. Due to that reason your smartphone working process is go to down. So, you have to clean your android smartphone with the help of different apps which is available on the Google Play Store, iOS and other stores. There are few interesting apps which we discuss in his article, have a look.

Top 5 Mobile Apps for Boost speed of Android Smartphone:

There are lots of apps available on the internet from which you can easily install and download those apps and increase the speed of your android smartphone but in this article we have to discuss top five interesting and much popular mobile apps which helps you to easily increase your mobile phone speed:

Android Booster App:

Android Booster App is much popular and free of cost mobile app which is available to download from Google Play Store. This app already downloaded by the 5 billion users in his smartphone and them gives 4.4 ratings out of 5 after using the features of this app. This app is user friendly, occupied less space on your memory, battery saving, boosts your phone; quickly increase your phone memory. This app it free to cost and don’t have any ads means if you use this app then there are no advertisement plug-ins with this app. It automatically removes and closes all background apps and gives you much better speed. You can also add few important apps in your white list as per your need. This app shows you your current mobile battery status and you will be able to change your battery mode in to extend mode which provides you much battery life. You can easily install and uninstall this app on your smartphone apart that this app available also support different types of languages.

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Clean Master App:

It is one of the most popular app which is also used to increase speed of your android smartphone. It is also called speed booster app which is used to remove all junk files which is infected from any type of viruses, if your smartphone generate too much heat and you feel trouble to hold your phone in the hand then this app keep cool of your phone battery by search and find those app from which your phone will be heated, increase your RAM, speed up your android mobile phone, games, apps and also remove all type of virus with the help of pre-installed antivirus program. You will be able to easily uninstall and unwanted app from your android smartphone. Clean Master mobile app support different languages. This mobile app is already downloaded by the 5 billion users till present time and they gives 4.7 ratings out of 5. The Clean Master mobile app also provides you another extra feature in latest version.

Cleaner App:

Cleaner app also known as Ram Booster App which is not only increase the RAM speed but also delete all junk files in a single click. This app kill all unused low priority apps, you just set the timing and then this app will automatically boost your RAM speed, it will shows you all internal and external cache details and also manage your backup files. This app is already downloaded by the billions of users and they give 4.2 ratings out of 5 points.

Speed Booster App:

DU Speed Booster mobile app is the most popular and useful app which is also known as Cache Cleaner app. DU Speed Booster android app provide facility for optimizing and cleaning facility with a free antivirus security. This app will helps you to delete 60% junk files which is already take space on your android smartphone. This app provide different interesting features like you can easily improve your apps and gaming speed, immediately remove all junk files from the phone memory and SD card,  support different languages and also provide advanced app manager to improve your mobile phone speed.

This app is already downloaded by the billions of users and they gives 4.5 ratings out of 5 points. You can download Speed Booster mobile app from the  Google Play Store.

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System Cleaner App:

System Cleaner mobile app is used to clean and delete all browsing history, call records, system processing, Gmail account history, Google map and any other search history after that your android phone work much faster speed. This app is already downloaded by the 5 million users and they give 4.1 ratings out of 5 points. You can download System Cleaner mobile app from the Google Play Store.

I hope you like this article which helps you to easily clean or remove all garbage files, clean all viruses, clear browsing, searching and map history and help you to easily Boost speed of Android Smartphone by using these few mobile apps. Thanks to all.

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