Warning immediately stop using Microsoft Internet Explorer

Warned by Microsoft Warning immediately stop using Microsoft Internet Explorer of 6 to 11 versions of Internet Explorer, until fix the bug.

Hello friends we know that if you want the enter the internet world then you must have to use any browsing software on your PC or Smartphone because these browsing software are the gateway of internet. There are lot of browsing software available at this time, today in this article we have to discuss about he most important and popular Microsoft Internet Explorer browsing software. Microsoft or Windows IE (Internet Explorer) found a harmful bug in this weekend and quickly publish latest Warning immediately stop using Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6 to 11 on your personal computers, laptop and notebooks. today we talking about Warning immediately stop using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Security experts give advice to use any other browsing software like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome on your computer and check your antivirus is working properly or not and also update your antivirus software regularly.  Different countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia and British government give strict instruction to different internet users to immediately stop use of IE in your computers, due to the main reason of hackers are ready to attack on your computer from IE.

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At this time around the world, millions of people are using different versions of Internet explorer, so  hackers want to theft your personal, check previous searched history information and also take control of your computer in self-hand by inserting a malware in your computer system. It is able to load any mischievous programs, change your system settings, delete important files and also generate new admin accounts which have full access on your computer system.

This bug is discovered from the security firm of FireEye. Microsoft Company found that security updates service is not working properly and your computer is unsafe if you are using internet for Windows or Microsoft IE on your computer.

The top experts who maintain the security warned to the users who is working on the Windows XP operating system that they have to upgrade his computer operating system into Windows 7 or 8 before Microsoft blocked support it at the start of this month.

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Precaution to keep safe on your computer:

1. Don’t use Microsoft or Windows Internet Explorer on
windows operating system.
2. Avoid the use of IE versions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 on your
3. Use another web browsing software like Mozilla Firefox or
Google Chrome.
4. Don’t share your personal information on the internet.
5. Check your antivirus working properly.
6. Keep updated, your antivirus.
7. Always Remove cookies and temp files from your system.
8. Avoid to open any suspicious mail.
9. Block active x control and also to don’t enable “Active
Scripting” on your laptop or PC.
10. Use enhanced protected mode on other web browsing software’s.

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