Xiaomi vs Realme rivalry in Indian Smartphone Market

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Oppo’s sub-brand Realme is giving a tough challenge to Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi, which has been dominating the Indian smartphone market for a long time. Especially in the budget and midrange segment, Realme has given users great features, due to which it can become a concern for Xiaomi. Xiaomi also entered the Indian market from the midrange segment and reached the top by offering strong specifications at a low price. Realme has also followed this strategy to a great extent and has been successful in reaching the users. We are giving you complete information about xiaomi vs realme rivalry.

xiaomi vs realme rivalry

The funniest aspect of the ongoing feud between Xiaomi and Realme is that while one company is already a big name in the market, the other is completely new. Particularly in the smartphone market, it is not easy for a new brand to step in, as competition is high and users avoid relying on the new device. Broadly speaking, more than 50 smartphone companies had to leave the market in the next three years after Xiaomi came to India. In such a situation, something must be done to attract the attention of users, in which Realme’s attempt has been successful. Everyone knows about xiaomi vs realme rivalry. xiaomi vs realme rivalry With this, both companies are engaged in proving themselves better.

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Oppo’s sub brand Realme

Realme took advantage of being a sub-brand of the popular smartphone brand Oppo, but the company has gradually strengthened itself in the market. Looking at the previous quarterly report from Counterpoint Research, Realme has overtaken Oppo and become India’s fourth largest smartphone brand in terms of shipments. At the same time, the report says that there has been no change in the market share of Xiaomi and the company still remains at the top in the Indian smartphone market. Both the companies are launching one device after another to woo the users and thereby giving a tough competition in the midrange segment.

Realme trolled Xiaomi

Xiaomi denies this, of course, but Madhav Seth, CEO of Realme India, says that Xiaomi is “insured” about its success in India. In May, Madhav Seth said, ‘We never commented on his (Xiaomi’s) device. We have talked more about their disappointment and insecurity than their product. Despite being the number one brand, you are competing with a brand that is still in its infancy and is making a place. I can feel that you are apprehensive. Not only this, Seth is very active in trolling Xiaomi on microblogging platform Twitter too. One such time, he trolled Xiaomi, putting his side on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710.

Xiaomi price cuts

Competition between Realme and Xiaomi is now clearly visible to users as well. The day Realme revealed its Quad Camera series in India, Realme 5 and Realme 5 Pro, the same day, Xiaomi announced price cuts for six variants of its four latest devices. Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 Pro, Redmi Note 7S, Redmi Y3 and Redmi 7, which were part of the 2019 lineup, have been cut by up to Rs 1,000. Xiaomi has brought many features in India for the first time in the world and includes a 48 megapixel smartphone camera.

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‘First to compete for new technology’

Realme also launched Realme X device with this sensor a few days after the arrival of 48 megapixel camera technology. And now, Realme has brought two new devices competing in the camera segment, of which Realme 5 Pro is the world’s first device with a 48 megapixel quad camera setup, while Realme 5 is a world with quad camera setup at a price of less than Rs 10,000. Has become the first device. In such a situation, there is sure to be a stir and the next race between the two companies is about Samsung’s 64MP ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor, with which the launch of the device has been announced by both companies.

64MP camera competition

Realme has announced its Realme XT smartphone, which will provide a 64 megapixel sensor with quad camera setup. Realme may launch its own device in September. At the same time, no such announcement has been made by Xiaomi at the moment. However, given the trends, it is expected that the Indian smartphone market king xiaomi will also launch its 64 megapixel camera device at the same time. At the moment, it is too early to say how long the conflict between Xiaomi and Realme will last or whether Xiaomi will succeed in leaving everyone behind, including Realme.

Realme on Xiaomi’s path

While Xiaomi continues to enjoy its rival brands, it is silent about Realme. The funny thing is that despite remaining silent, Xiaomi is trying its best to prove itself. On the other hand, Realme has adopted the Xiaomi model and likewise is offering some additional offers at a lower price. Although Xiaomi is not coming out and saying anything, the Realme is not holding back from trolling her. This will tell whether Xiaomi is in trouble for a long time. Right now, Realme is definitely giving Xiaomi a reason to think more and better about the Indian market.

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