How to Know Your Phone Number Blocked by Someone else?

Sometime your close family members or friends avoiding phone calls and block phone number. You can know your phone number blocked by someone.

Now it is really easy to block any call in Android or iPhone. Is your phone number blocked? How do you know if someone blocked your number. If any close friend or relative blocks your phone number, it is natural to feel upset. But we don’t know how to find out if your phone number is blocked by someone else?

If you too are looking for the answer to this question, then this article very beneficial for you. Let’s start to know is your phone number is blocked or not?

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Is your phone number blocked?

The call blocking feature in Android phones is useful to prevent all those peoples who are making spam calls. But most of the peoples can also used to block people to avoid his close friends or family members due to any reasons. It is possible that someone is using the call blocking feature on their Android or iPhone to avoid your call. It’s also possible that someone has accidentally added your number to the block list.

How to Know Your Phone Number Blocked by Someone else

When someone blocks your number, there are some ways to find out if your number has been blocked by them. There are several ways to find out if someone has really blocked your number?

Finding this depends on how your number is blocked. Also, there are some factors that can affect this, such as their cell signal’s are down, their phones are turned off or battery dead, or they have the “Do Not Disturb” service turned on.

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How to Know Your Phone Number Blocked by Someone else?

Sometimes when some people block a number, the service provider send a message when a call received from the blocked number. These messages can be of many types, such as “the person you are calling is not available”, “the person you are calling is not answering at this time” or “the number you are calling he is temporarily not in service”.

If for two or three days when you make repeated calls and you are getting the same message, then this is proof that he has blocked you. You will hear the same message even if someone is busy and disconnects your call, but it can happen once or twice. If you mix the call after a while and you still hear the same message, then your number is probably blocked.

When you call someone, and your call is going directly to voicemail after only one ring or without ring, it can be a sign that your number is blocked. It is possible that the person has blocked your number using the blocking feature in his phone.

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If a busy signal is coming before your call drops continuously for a few days, then it is possible that your number is blocked through their wireless carrier.

What can you do when someone blocks your number?

By the way, when someone blocks your number, there is nothing you can do to remove it. But still for your satisfaction you can take the following measures.

1) Whoever has blocked you, try calling them from another number.

2) Try sending him a WhatsApp message or SMS.

3) If both of you are active on the social media, then you can see them by contacting via social media.

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4) If you have his email ID, then you can contact him by sending email and ask him the reason for block your number.

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