I’m not a Robot | What is CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA ? | How Does CAPTCHA Works?

Captcha or reCAPTCHA is leading CAPTCHA service. Security measure that is used when any site visitors sign in, or sign up for accounts.

When you visit any website or create a Google account then you will get a Captcha or reCaptcha at your screen. Do you know why these captcha or reCaptcha shown infront of you again and again? How does captcha works?

Adding Captcha to your website is a security measure that is often used when site visitors sign in to, or sign up for accounts. In this guide will discuss what is “I’m not a Robot”, What is Captcha or reCAPTCHA? How does your captcha works?

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CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Captcha is a verification process that requires users to enter a pre-determined code. Without using a Captcha, any bots can easily submit forms at your site, create spam accounts. Depending on the type of website they can run or submit spam information at your website. Adding Captcha to your website is a security measure that is often used when site visitors sign in to, or sign up for accounts.

What is CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA ?

Captcha exists to prevent spam from automated form submissions that can fill your site with lot of junk postings or spam user accounts. With the help of script spam users block your website, quickly book train tickets and many more. To stop them permanently captcha system is used at different website. We can take an example to understand what is Captcha or reCaptcha and how does Captcha works?


You know very well all the trains running under the Indian Railways on daily basis. If you want to plan for a journey by train then you must have to book your train ticket from irctc.co.in website. Lot of person uses “Tatkal” quota for booking the ticket from his registered irctc account.

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How Does CAPTCHA Works?

If Indian Railways don’t have captcha facility then any one can easily run the script and instruct the boat to fill all the seats. Any normal user take approx 1-2 minutes for filling all the information in the form, But all these things done by the robot with in a few seconds. Due to that all tatkal quota seat are full with in a few seconds.

To stop them these type of script Captcha or reCaptcha system is used not only from Indian Railways but also different websites. Captcha is an image of several distorted letters. You must have to type the correct series of letters into a form. If your letters match the ones in the distorted image, you can pass the test and go forward. But if you don’t pass this test you will get again and again get lot of images to arrange or click them properly or type correct distorted letters.

The Captcha helps to identify which users are real human beings and which ones are computer programs. If system feel, that you act just like a computer program or robot, immediately stop your process until you pass the captcha test.

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Captcha system adopted by different websites to stop all these robots, spam users, which corrupt the websites, create bulk email id’s at your system and many more. In 2003 captcha system designed by the Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas J. Hopper and John Langford. They will shown few distorted letter infront of you, if you are human then easily understand these letters. But if you are machine they you are not able to understand these types of letters easily. If they mistake then system immediately stop them for doing any activity in his website.

What about reCAPTCHA?

After watching the success of captcha process, will bring advance version with the name of reCaptcha. In Captcha you will get series of words or numbers but in reCaptcha these words or letters will shown in skew format. This format is known as reCaptcha, and it is not understandable by the robot system easily. In 2009 Google bring advance version or reCaptcha to stop the spamming process, which is known as “No-Captcha” or “Re-Captcha” or “I’m not a Robot”.

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You can check reCaptch at different Google websites, where you can get “I’m not a Robot”. You just click on it and when you get a green right button your captcha exam is passed and go forward and clear the level. During clicking your system IP address, phone number, location and many more things traced by the Google server and identify that you are a human or robot.

If system confirm that you act just like a human then you will get green right mark sign. If system found any issue against suspected clicks then immediately stop them. Now, you will get lot of images or signs to clear the level. When you clear that level properly then you can easily go for next screen.

I hope after reading this article all the doubts or issues clear. If you still have any doubt or issue then please write us in the comment box. Thanks to all.

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