How To Delete WhatsApp Messages Up To One Week Older

Delete WhatsApp Messages: If you have latest Whatsapp version, you can easily delete one day older WhatsApp messages from your mobile easily.

Delete WhatsApp Messages: WhatsApp has a feature that allows users to delete or send messages. It is now possible for any user to delete a message that was sent spontaneously. WhatsApp has updated several of its features so far, some of which are capable of voice calling, WhatsApp payment and even deleting messages.

Until now users can only delete a message sent within seven minutes, in this guide we tell you how to override this limit. Do not take tension if you have sent a private message or photo to someone accidentally on WhatsApp; In these easy ways, years old messages will also be able to be deleted for everyone.

You all know that the DELETE FOR EVERYONE option remains active for one hour after sending the message.

Delete WhatsApp Messages

Almost all WhatsApp users know that if a message accidentally goes to WhatsApp chat or group chat, it can be deleted for everyone with the ‘DELETE FOR EVERYONE’ option. This is a very useful feature, but the negative side is that this feature can be used only within one hour of sending the message. The DELETE FOR EVERYONE option becomes inactive after one hour. After that only option of ‘DELETE FOR ME’ will appear. With this you will be able to delete the message, but only from your own chat window, the message will be present on the chat window of another user.

Delete WhatsApp Messages

If you too have accidentally sent someone a similar message or photo that should not have been sent and you are afraid that there may be a big problem for you in the future, then do not take tension at all. We have brought such a trick of WhatsApp for you, so that you will be able to delete years old messages or photos from chat for everyone (DELETE FOR EVERYONE) and there is no need to install any other app for this. So let’s start.

Suppose you want to delete a message sent to all of you on 16 October 2020 at 5:10 pm, that is, a message 4 days old from today (20 October), when long press to delete it, two options will appear. The first cancle, the second DELETE FOR ME. This means that you will only be able to delete messages from your chat window.

So, what to do to delete the message for everyone…

Step 1. First turn off internet.
Step 2. After that go to Settings and click on App.
Step 3. After going to App, click on WhatsApp.
Step 4. After going to WhatsApp, click on Force Stop below.
Step 5. Now go back to the message or photo (which needs to be deleted) and note its day and date, because it is going to work from next.
Step 6. Go to Settings again and go to the Date and time option, turn off the Use Netowrk Provided Time Zone, Time Zone or Automatic Date and Time option shown here.
Step 7. Now here you have to set the date again, then enter the date on which the message was sent. (For example, if you want to delete the message of 16 October, then date 16 October 2020 has to be entered.
Step 8. Similarly set the time. (For example, if you want to delete the message at 5:10 pm, then set the time 5-10 minutes ahead of it.)
Step 9. Now go to WhatsApp again. You will see that today will be seen instead of 16 October.
Step 10. Now long press to delete it, you will see the option of DELETE FOR EVERYONE along with ‘DELETE FOR ME’. Now it can be deleted for everyone.
Step 11. After deleting, turn on the Internet and go to Date and time again and do not forget to set the current day and time.

Note- This trick will work only on the latest version of WhatsApp, so you must update your WhatsApp to the latest version.

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