Simple tips for make your Android phone faster

Make Android phone faster and improve performance. Nothing do special just follow these simple tips in daily rotten and get faster response.

Hi friends, Today we are talking on “How to improve your Android phone performance and make your Android phone faster”. Nothing to do special for this, just follow a few simple tips in daily routine and get a faster response from your phone. So you should read and implement these important tips for your Android phone.

How to Make your Android phone faster:

1. Make as much as possible internal storage free: Internal storage of your device affect to the speed of your Android phone. You must move your install apps or games on your SD card not in your internal storage. And try to make free your internal storage as much as possible.


2. Kill/Close your apps after use: kill or close the application after use, Your running app consumes your phone Ram and make your phone slow. So you should close your app after use. it makes free Ram on your phone. Some apps provides auto killing app feature like Advance task manager, Task killer, and Android task manager apps, etc. these task manager make free ram by auto app killing. You can use the Advance task manager app, it is a free app and set on auto killing.

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3. Use cache cleaner apps: Every app make lots of cache in android phone. These caches make phone slower. So you must use cache cleaner app like 1 tap cleaner app etc.

4. Uninstall unnecessary app and games: If you installed lots of the apps and games, then your phone will slow work. Because your phone has limited hardware resource to run your app and game and apps and games are using lots of RAM and storage on your phone. So it’s necessary to uninstall some unuseful apps and game.

5. Don’t use more extra widgets and icons on your phone home screen: If you have extra or unnecessary widgets and app icons on your phone home screen, then it’s not good for your phone. Place only most use apps icon and widgets on your phone home screen.

6. Use always Android default launcher: If you are using another custom launcher on your phone, then remove it, because these custom launchers use extra RAM of your phone and makes slower your Android Smartphone. So you should use always Android default launcher.

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7. Reboot your Device daily: Reboot your device every day for your android phone performance. After reboot your device automatically close your lots of running apps and remove cache in your phone.

Follow these simple tips and make your phone faster. Please share this post with your friend and give us your valuable comments.


  1. Hello Sir,
    I used micromax a35 so how can i reboot my device becoz there is no reboot option in a35.

  2. Those were really simple and amazing tips. Thanks for sharing such useful tips. Now i am enjoying my Intex Cloud Y4.

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