How to update Cynus T2 Jelly Bean V17.01 on Cynus t2, Micromax A110

This is a guide to update Mobistel cynus t2 Jelly Bean V17.01 on Micromax A110, Cynus T2, A919 Duo and other similar device.

Hello friends, At present time most of the mobile manufacturer companies launch budgeted smartphone which comes with different great features and latest technology. Today we have to discuss easy process to update Cynus T2 Jelly Bean. This is first Jelly Bean update of Cynus T2 V17.01 and it is working in Micromax A110. So install Jelly Bean In Canvas 2. Cynus T2 and Micromax A110 both has a similar hardware configuration. Both phone have a MTK 6577 chipset, So don’t worry and install this update in Canvas 2. It’s works on Mobistel Cynus t2, Micromax A110, A919 Duo, imobile iq5, and cink king.

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How to install Mobistel Cynus T2 4.1.1 V17.01 Rom:

Step 1: Download Mobistel Cynus T2 JellyBean 4.1.1 V17.01 and copy the ROM in your internal SD card.

Step 2: Switch off phone after few second.


Step 3: Press (Vol+) + (Vol-) + Power same time, Then press Vol+ button for Got to Stock Recovery Mode


Step 4: Select option “apply Update form sdcard” by press volume down key.


Step 5: Select file “Cynus T2 Jelly Bean (Ver.17.01).zip file” from your internal SD card and press menu to enter.

Step 6: Process begin after Flash ROM


Step 7: Reboot the device.

Step 8: Go to settings-backup & reset-factory data reset.

Step 9: After reset if language change the go system setting >>> language & input use idea of your to select this option because language is change  >>> select first  option change English.

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  1. Micromax not release any update now

    but some people told that Micromax will release Jelly Bean 4.2 soon

  2. Any new update as above you suggested i am not able to do tried but no result

    any update with above modem image will be gud


  3. Hi

    Now my one sim stopped working, same sim when i connect to another phone it works i check in factory reset in A110. all hardware is fine.

    any suggestion for the same

    1. hi vikas join us on Facebook & this site also

      if you want root your phone the follow step 3
      and you want more RAM free then follow step 5

  4. Dear Abishek,

    Pleeeese help me
    iam new to this field, i have alredy upgrade to cynus t2 jelly i want to root it and want superSu back.
    i want to follow your advice butt i cant understand this step that how to replace downloaded cwm recovery.img with stock recovery.img? i mean where can i find stock recovery on phone or sd card or pc etc.?

    1. Dear Abhishek,

      Please guide how to update on MicroMax JB 4.1 from Already updated cynus t2 4.1 ROM.

    2. For rooting after update to JB
      i am new stundent of you,Pl one thing guide me with detail that downloaded CWM/TWRP recovery.img is need to replace with stock rom recovery.img for flash . now guide me which stock recovery and where it place. i mean exact location of stock recovery and file which is needed to replace with downloaded CWM/TWRP .

  5. Hi,

    After rooting to cynus t2 ,Auto rotating is not functioning?
    2nd after rooting , is my phone is rooted now ? because there is no superSU now.
    pl help.

    1. if you have done all steps right way then it is not possible

      OK i am tell you ones again

      After update cynus t2
      then flash TWRP recovery in your phone
      then install SuperSUPro zip
      now your phone is root
      good day

  6. does 32k sim are detecatble in this ROM.Earlier i had issue with Cynus T2 v15.0 the initial release of jelly bean by mobistel.So i reverted back to V2 Rom

    1. Use mobistel t2 v17.01 and replace modem.img from v2 to mobistel read this blog I have posted regarding this issue

    1. hi Lal Bahadur Ayer

      this is for you


      1. After flashing your phone with a new ROM, install this software:

      BATTERY CALIBRATION on Play Store – 47 KB size

      2. Then, charge your phone to 100%.

      3. IMPORTANT. Remove CHARGER first.

      4. IMMEDIATELY hit "Battery Calibration" (1 or 2 seconds delay is fine, wait for BATTERY voltage to drop and be stable)

      5. Use your phone normally (don't charge in between) till it hits 1%.

      6. Then charge your phone UNINTERRUPTED (leave it for charging all night) till 100%.

      7. Unplug and start using. You should be having as little as 2-3% battery drain for 6-8 hours of IDLING now. That's the optimization of a calibrated battery.

    1. hi Lal Bahadur Ayer

      if you use Cynus T2 Rom then you must update Launcher 4.2
      it is increase ram & performance
      i am suggest you Launcher 4.2

  7. hi, in which stock rom do we have to replace file, is it in v2 stock rom or its Cynus T2 JellyBean 4.1.1 V17.01 rom?

    1. replace modem.img file in Cynus T2 JellyBean 4.1.1 V17.01 rom if you have
      Micromax A110, A919 Duo, imobile iq5 and wiko cink king

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