Mobistel Cynus T2 Jelly Bean update work great on Micromax A110

A tutorial to install Mobistel Cynus T2 Jelly Bean update on Micromax A110. Improve battery life, Camera app, free more ram.

Micromax Release V3 Jelly Bean Update for Micromax A110 but we are facing lots of problem after the update. Now solution of these problem is, install Mobistel Cynus T2 Jelly Bean on your Micromax A110 stock Rom V3. When Micromax release Jelly bean update people become happy and excited for Jelly Bean update, but after update lots people movie back ICS. V3 Jelly Bean update comes with these problem. Have look:

1. Battery drain issue
2. Camera not good
3. Color is fated
4. Extra Ram consume
5. Document viewer missing
6. To-Do missing
7. WiFi issue etc.

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So we are solution of these problem, In this solution we will install double update, First install Micromax stock Rom V3 then after we are installing cynus t2 Jelly bean update. My personal opinion Mobistel Cynus T2 Jelly Bean ROM is best Jelly bean ROM for Micromax A110. Now I am use this Rom. So Here we go:

Mobistel Cynus T2 Jelly Bean for Micromax A110 canvas 2

First Step : flash Micromax A110 Jelly Bean V3:

Here is Short method to flash V3 Rom if your want full Guide with images then Click here. Download SP tool  & Micromax Jelly Bean V3

Step 1: Install drivers in your PC and Enable USB Debugging on your Phone. Go to Settings >>> Developer options >>> USB debugging check it ( If your phone have Android 4.2 or upper version then see how to enable Developer options here is guide of this Click here). After then switch off your phone.

Step 2: Extract the Stock ROM and SP Tool folder where you want and open this folder. Now you will see Sptool.exe then right click on Sptool.exe and Run as Administrator. Now click on Scatter-Loading option then SPTool ask you the location of the scatter file in your PC. You will find it in the extracted Stock ROM folder. Now go to the Rom folder and select the file “Android_scatter_emmc.txt” which is our scatter file.

Step 3: Now click on Download button in the SPtool and Connect your switch off phone with PC via USB cable (Make sure your phone is switched off). SP Tool detect your phone and process will start. If Sptool is not recognize/detect your phone then install vcom driver read this post it will help you click here  (Driver already in phone flash drive if you don’t have these drivers then install it). Now start downloading Stock Rom in your phone by flashing.

Note: Don’t interrupt this process as it can potentially brick your device. Make sure no power interruption takes place.

Step 10: After the process complete, a green ring will appear. Now disconnect your phone. Now your phone is updated.

Second Step : Install Vivid color :

If you want Rich colour on your phone like Stock Rom V1 then follow this guide. How to install vivid colour on Micromax A110 Stock Rom V3 Click Here

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Third Step : Install Mobistel Cynus T2 Jelly Bean V17.01 on your Micromax A110 V3 Rom:

Here is a short method to install Mobistel cynus t2 Rom on you Micromax A110. If your want full guide with images then click here

Step 1. Mobistel Cynus T2 Jelly Bean 4.1.1 V17 click here to download

Step 2. Copy the downloaded file to your SD card. Now enter recovery mode (Press and hold power button and up & Down volume buttons together in same time for few second). Select recovery mode and apply update SD card. Now Choose jelly bean file zip in SD card where you have copied and install. Now you can see installing process start in your Smartphone. After complete process Reboot your phone.

Fourth Step : Install TWRP recovery 2.5.0 and Root your Mobile:

Here is guide with images of root and installation of custom recovery on Micromax Click Here. After root go to TWRP recovery and wipe cache and dalvik cache. then reboot.

Fifth Step : Replace Luncher2.apk with Android 4.2 Luncher2.apk:

If you want to improve your battery life and smooth you phone UI then install Android 4.2 Launcher Click Here

Sixth Step : Replace and boot_logo:

If your want to give this Rom look like Micromax then Click Here

Seventh Step : Micromax OTA update:

If you want working OTA update then Download and install GoogleOta.apk copy in system folder and Set permission wr-r-r and move to app folder.

Reboot your phone and Enjoy

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Note: No need to replace modem.img file both SIM work great, Baseband V15 is same as Micromax Jelly Bean V3. Read careful then do it. It is tested on Micromax A110. If you are make mistake, we are not responsible for brick your Device.


  1. Hello abhishek is it mendatory to first flash jb v3 i have suvi rom or can directly install cynas 17.
    can u plz tell me features if it……

  2. i have downloaded cynus T2 v17 zip file copied to sd card.But going to recovery mode in the phone it is written Team Win Recovery Project v menu like Install wipe backup Restore etc there is no menu like update from sd card. please help

  3. Im on 4.1.1 means step 1 to 2nd is done.then can i start this method from 3rd step n can i root (fourth step) by ur old method(via pc)

  4. Nearly perfect.
    Would like to have a modding apk of MMS.APK that does not limit 160 char (not auto-convert SMS to MMS)

    1. I often write a long SMS, that's why I really hate the auto convert SMS -> MMS function.
      I also tried many MMS.apk modded, but all of them did not make me happy ><

    2. Ya it is problem

      if i get any solution of this then i will share with you

      Good day

  5. The big disadvantage is After sending msg to any body a msg normally flash on screen about msg balance by the service ics there is no any msg tone rings on that msg but in jelly bean it rings even i tried in silent profile also its a big big disadvantage for me because i doing msgs in late night
    2. Jelly bean shows size of external and internal both in file manager

  6. Hi Abhishek
    I am using micromax a110 ics4.0.4 and it is rooted.i only want RESTART option in power button so is there any process?

    1. Abhishek i i wanted to ask u is there any process in ics 4.0.4 to add Restart in power button and also want to know that any process to hide system genereted files(like .android_secure, .cr3, .dataviz) becoz its very annoying me.
      I had updated to jelly bean but i found some drawbacks then i roll back with ics if any possibilities to do so then suggest me…

    2. Hi Rajesh

      It is a log and risky method for you. so don't try

      ya i no few bugs in Jelly bean update but we remove all by install cynus t2 v17.01 and with root. So don't worry

      tell me what is your problem with jelly bean

  7. Hi Abhishek,

    I have upgraded to latest JB update on my well working A110 and ever since its been upgraded I have got phone degraded its performance.To name them battey draining alot in just matter of few hours even when stand by,calls not going through randomly,phone overheating when on call or on charging.All this happened only after upgrade, so its pretty sure not an issue with motherboard.Could you please guide some steps toe be tried.Your help would be highly appreciated.

    1. don't worry

      use Cynus T2 Rom this best Rom for Micromax A110. I am use this Rom now
      read this post and install Cynus T2 Rom

    2. Sure, but still have a confusion like the instructions are for those who do not have JP updated right.So in my case as its already updated to 4.1.1 where do I start with.

    3. Great, will do.One last question as my phone is still under warranty and trying below steps may void it.So are the steps below really needed to followed or we can just stop at step before Fourth.

      Fourth Flash TWRP 2.4.3 and Root your Mobile Click Here
      Go to TWRP recovery and wipe cache & dalvik cache
      then reboot
      Fifth replace Luncher2.apk file Click Here
      Sixth Replace & boot_logo Click Here
      Seventh for Micomax OTA update
      Download GoogleOta.apk copy in system folder
      Set permission wr-r-r and move to app folder

      Please help with this doubt.

    4. hi

      don't worry about warranty, because if you have any problem then flash stock Rom from this blog any time and get your warranty again.

      and it is your choice that
      root your phone ( in my way root is must after root you will get real canvas 2)
      and change your Luncher2.apk, & boot_logo ( Luncher2.apk make your Rom much more smooth and faster)
      for future update from Micromax via OTA then change OTA

      if you like my work then join us on Facebook and Google +

    5. Cool.Now I have copied MobistelCynus T2 Jelly Bean 4.1.1 V17
      and then not able to follow this step which say "5.Choose jelly bean file zip in sd card where you have copied and install".Do you have some Video available or can you guide me please.Thank you

    6. Download MobistelCynus T2 Jelly Bean 4.1.1 V17 Rom and Copy in your SD card

      after that go to recovery mode (Pressing power and both volume buttons together in same time)

      after that Select recovery mode and selecte apply update from SD card by your + and – Volume key

      then after Choose MobistelCynus T2 Jelly Bean 4.1.1 file from Sd card where you have copied this file and install this Rom

      that's all, Reboot your phone.

    7. Sure.But before that here are the results.I succesfuly updated to MobistelCynus T2 Jelly Bean 4.1.1 V17 and observ the change for a day.But to be honest it didn't change the battery drain issue and most importatnt issue was call not going through and that was same.So I decided downgraded to ICS 4.0.4 and did that succesffully.
      Now I am facing new problem below,really need your help with that
      -Invaid IMEI
      -When connecting WIFI it shows error as NVRAM WARNING:ERR =0X10

      Something you can help with?

    8. Just to let you know I have fixed IMEI issue by following steps given on your post under "How to write or change your lost IMEI no in Micromax and other MTK phone ".Now currently left with one problem the error When connecting WIFI it shows error as NVRAM WARNING:ERR =0X10".Remember it is non rooted ICS phone and I would like to avoid rooting to fix this.

      Please help!

    9. problem :- NVRAM WARNING:ERR =0X10

      solution: –
      On Mobile : i) it must be rooted ii) it must have root file explorer installed (i used 'Total Commander' – you can download it from Play store).
      On Computer (Desktop/Laptop) : A stable Hex Editor Application. I used 'HxD – Hexeditor Ver.' on my laptop running on Windows 8 64 Bit OS.

      Step wise Guide

      Step # 1 : Switch on WiFi adapter on your phone.
      Step # 2 : Go to 'About Phone' from Settings and note your phone's Wi-Fi MAC Address mentioned there. It should lok like xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx (xx = value of Mac Add.)
      Step # 3 : Switch off WiFi adapter on your phone
      Step # 5 : Launch 'Total Commander' application on your phone and navigate to File system root/data/nvram/APCFG/APRDEB and copy one file named 'WIFI' from there to the SD Card of your phone
      Step # 6 : Copy this file i.e. WIFI from your SD card to Desktop on your laptop/desktop
      Step # 7 : Launch 'HxD-Hexeditor' on your laptop/desktop and click on OPEN or Ctrl+O and select WIFI file (copied as per Step # 6) from desktop
      Step # 8 : Refer to the first raw in the opened file and go to column no. 04
      Step # 9 : Insert value of your actual MAC Address (as per Step # 2) in column 04 to 09 (Ensure that none of the value is ZERO) and SAVE this change
      Step # 10 : Close Hexeditor and copy changed WIFI file from your desktop to the SD card of your phone. Delete older WIFI file from SD Card before copying this file.
      Step # 11 : Once the file is copied to SD card, launch Total Commander application and move this file from SD card root to File system root/data/nvram/APCFG/APRDEB
      Step # 12 : Reboot your phone
      problem soleve

    10. Above solution didn't work as first octet of my MAc address starts with 00 and secondly when i tried a random MAc address with no zeroes, it worked temporarilily untill phone rebooted.Isn't there any permanent solution.

    11. So Abhishek,
      Above solution didn't work as first octet of my MAc address starts with 00 and secondly when i tried a random MAc address with no zeroes, it worked temporarilily untill phone rebooted.Isn't there any permanent solution?

    12. Yes, Tried that already.Currently I am using ICS so flashed with ICS ROM.It didn't seem to have done any good.

  8. Hi Abhishek,
    After i have installed all the above(Cynus T2 ) my camera quality is not good. its blurred while taking snap. it was good before. Please let me know what i suppose to do.


  9. hay! Abhishek i am having problem in my wifi. its not able to start it does not show any sign on the top of the phone and its shows connection but do not connect.So plz if you have any solution for it. ITs Micromax canvas 2-A110

    1. oh great i will post rooting pattern today night
      if we success then your problem resolve

    2. Hello Abhishek…
      Any rom available which solve my network problem and flash with SD card using stock recovery process (not rooted).. Please check it

    3. try your cynus t2 rom
      change 3g on both sim one by one

      check after close 3g service

      i thing your one sim shuld work

    4. my onne sim is working , but i have problem with second any new rom updated with new modem.img available …please tell me…..

    1. it is possible only when mobile is rooted… but i am unable to root the mobile because of broken micro-usb port…. any new rom available updated with new modem.img (network problem solved)…If available please give me the link……. without computer, is it possible to root the mobile?

      Thanks for your help….

  10. ok don't worry

    first option :- connect your phone with wireless open my blog and go to this link click here download modem.img file and replace it

    secont option :- remove SD card insert in card reader then connect with pc
    copy modem.img file and replace

    that's all

    good day

  11. Hi Abhishek, I have updated Cynus T2 jellyBean Software(Ver. V17.01) in Canvas 2, but there is problem with network,my canvas mobile micro usb pin is broken so i cant update modem.img through PC…. any solution on theis Please help…..any new jely bean rom is available and updated through on;le from stock recovery ..Please help me….thanks

  12. Hi Abhishek, can we skip the steps 4,5,6,and 7 or it is must to install.?
    i have done till step 3 and everything works fine but when i install MTKDriverW1152 its says the driver is already installed and up to date, hence i started installing recovery image its also succeeded and then when i install UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.04 in recovery mode it says installation aborted…. please let me know what to do next…


    1. if you want then follow these steps it is not must to instal

      you are install driver already

      after install recovery then do not start your phone. go to recovery by press vol up & down key + power button
      then install UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.04

    2. Hi Abhishek,
      I have successfully executed the steps 4 to 7 :). You have done a great work to improve my mobile quality.

      please let me now whether i should install "Jelly Bean 4.2 Camera & Gallery" to improve my camera quality or no need.

      Thanks a ton

  13. i have got this error: assert failed: get prop("ro.product.device")=="s9081" || get prop("") == "s9081"
    E:Error in /sdcard/
    (status 7)
    installation aborted

    help me if any solution you have. thanks.

  14. I got a Micromax A110 (Ice Cream Sandwich O/s) and Phicomm, Sing'pore make (Ginger Bread O/s).

    To my knowledge, Phicomm has the same configuration as that of A110.

    Can any one help me how to upgrade the O/s to Jelly bean on both the phones.

    When i attempted myself in recovery options, it gets ended up with a message (Signature Verification Required… Aborted.. blah .. blah)

    1. i didn't try yet cause i can flash zip file with cwm stock it say error sertification…thats why i need cwm mod or twrp

    2. if you got error then don't any Rom

      can you tell me you phone chipset specification ?

  15. Abhishek after Installing MobistelCynus T2 Jelly Bean 4.1.1 V17 & rebooting, Jeally bean is updated but language is change.
    I want it in English Plz. help. me!

    1. click on setting button

      then select last option system setting

      after that select "A" icon option

      and last you select first option and choose English

      good day

  16. when i use sp tool it shows always searching after clicking download… how can i fix it….plzz tell me sir,,,,i hv already installed driver for my phone..

  17. no sir, i want to install v3 and vivid but by cmw recovery ,,,,,and then cynus t2 again by cmw recovery….so what i hv to do..

  18. sir plzz provide zip file of jelly bean v3 becz when i use SP tool it always stuck after when i click on downlod and shows searching…bt i can easly intall rom by using volune up n down button so plzz provide me zip file …or if u hv any soln for this plzz me ..becz i always stuck there..

    1. THANKU SIR….sir plzz tel me 1 more thing….which is best in all way out of all these rom,,

    2. but sir again for flash vivid color i hv to use S.P TOOL…is zip file available for vivid color…becz otherwise i will face dat same problem.

    3. if you are already in V3 jelly bean with vivid color then install cynus t2 17.01 zip file

  19. suvi rom is theme Rom
    cynus T2 is Stock Rom & stock ROM is best
    flash & make your own change in your ROM

  20. JMP™ v9.0 ROM Final Release JMP™ v9.0 ROM Final Release ( Last ROM From Jiger M.Pattani Now )

    Changelog :
    ==>> JB 4.1.2 Core File Based ( Not Fully 4.1.1 )
    ==>> Samsung Touchwiz Launcher Added
    ==>> Google Play Server Error Fixed
    ==>> New User Interface
    ==>> New JMP Boot Animation
    ==>> New JMP ROM Special Modded Media Files
    ==>> TV Out Option Added in Display Setting
    ==>> Advanced Volume SettingOption Added in Dev. Setting
    ==>> JMP RAM Script To Utilize RAM ( More Multitasking )
    ==>> Xperia Z Walkman Added With Clear Audio Plus
    ==>> Multi-Window App Added
    ==>> Fixed Some Minor Bugs &More Fluid …!!!
    Lots of Thanks Jiger M. Pattani

    1. these are theme Rom
      custom Rom will Release by varun.chitre15

      my way is best of best stock ROM and we decide what we want in own Rom
      stock ROM is best as Comparative theme ROM

      improve your knowledge and make your own change in your ROM
      good day

  21. hi Anup Rode this for you and who have problem with
    Micromax Jelly Bean V3 Update and also who like Cynus T2 V17

    Follow these steps you will find wonderful Jelly Bean in Micromax A110

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