MS Excel DMIN Database Function

MS Excel support DMIN database function from which you can extract minimum value from the database as per the given condition.

Hi guys, we know very well about the MS Excel. MS Excel is an application software which is widely used in different locations. MS Excel is an electronic spreadsheet software which is used for data analysis, modeling, representation data inform of chart, solve complex calculations using functions and many more. You know very well about the importance of function which is mostly used in the Microsoft Excel. Today we have to discuss how to use DMIN Database Function. With the help of different functions you easily get the result from complex criteria. So, today we talk about the database function of Microsoft Excel.

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What is the Database

Do you know what is the “Database”? Database is a collection or array or table of more than one record. In different multinational companies lot of persons properly maintaining these database and generate or print required report. If you have a huge database and you want to extract required minimum value from the given database then you have to use DMIN database function of MS Excel.

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Example: To easily and quickly extract minimum selling price from given sales report database as per the product name. To get the result you must have to write down the criteria or condition in proper manner otherwise Excel displays either an error message or zero value as a result on your computer screen.

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Definition of DMIN Database Function:

DMIN database function is very useful to get or find out the lowest value of a field which is based on the criteria provided by the user as per company requirement.

Formula of DMIN database () functions is given below:

DMIN(Database, Field, Criteria)

Description of DMIN() Function:

Database is an important part of this function in which you can select the range of table or array which has number of records or information including all column labels. In other words, it is a table from where the resulted value has to be extracted.

Field, it is the name of the filed or name of the column or the position of the column of table in which minimum or lowest value has to be searched.

It is the range of cells where you want to set the condition as per your requirement.

How to use DMIN Database Function

Step 1. Create the following given database to use DMIN Database Function


Step 2. If you want to search lowest selling price of “Bluetooth” product from your current database then you have to apply following given formula in any cell where you want to view the result. =DMIN(A1:E6,E1,B8:B9).

DMIN:- Name of the database function. A1:E6 :- It the range of records of your database. E1:- It is the cell reference of filed name in which you want to view the result. B8:B9 :-It is the criteria in which you have to set your required condition to view the result.

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When you press enter after typing this formula, Excel displays the result 780, because you have two records which name is same as “Blue Tooth” like record number 3 and 5 but lowest selling price value of Bluetooth product from both records is 780.

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I hope you like this article. After reading this article you will be able to use DMIN Database Function. You must share your knowledge with others and also give your important suggestion in the comment box. Thanks to all.

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