Increase internal memory in Android Mobiles in easy steps

If you face low internal storage or low memory notification or low memory error then here is a guide to increase internal memory in android.

Lots of android mobile come with a very low internal storage which has given low memory notification after a few downloads of the applications. If you have low storage phone then it is good news for you. You can increase the internal memory by follow these method. This is absolutely true that no way to increase internal storage size of your phones, but you can allocate some part of your memory card for your phone to install applications.

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before follow these guide to  increase internal memory on android, you must be root your phone. If you have any MTK device then you have once more option to increase internal memory Click here.

Method First:

Preparation of increase the internal memory

1. 2 GB and above Memory card
2. Use memory card reader and don’t use a phone internal memory.
3. Download and install Partition Tool from here to your computer
4. Your android phone must be rooted
5. Downloaded Link2SD app from Google play store click here
6. Backup your memory card and phone for safe side and copy all the data on your computer.

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How to increase internal memory in Android Device

Step 1: Take backup of your memory card and phone.

Step 2: Connect your memory card to computer by memory card reader for make partition.

Note: Don’t use a phone via USB cable for make partition of memory card .

Step 3: Download and install Partition Tool on your computer. And double click to run this Partition tool and select MiniTool Partition wizard. Right click on your memory card and click on delete. See in image 2 and 3.

Processor of create partition of your SD card by Partition Tool

Step 4: You will see the memory card showing unallocated space, Now right click on the memory card and select create. See in image 4.

Step 5: Create as: select primary and file system according to you card space.

Note: I have 4GB memory card so use FAT32. If your memory card size is less than 2GB then select FAT file system. If your memory card more than 2GB, then you should select FAT32 file system.

Process to set partition size in the Partition Tool

Select size of your memory card for storage of your data and leaves unallocated space for added memory according to you. In this image 1.77 GB

Step 6. After that choose all the unallocated space and right click select Create. Create as: select primary and Choose EXT2 or EXT4 file system and click on OK. See in image 6.

Process to create Ext2 partition

Step 7: Now click on apply button on the left top corner menu. Then click on yes and Wait for finish, you will get successfully partition of your memory card massage on your desktop.

Process to finish partition process

Step 8: After then copy your backup of data on your computer back to the memory card and insert memory card in your phone then Start your phone.

Step 9: Let’s Configure Link2SD app on your phone. Downloaded Link2SD app from Google play store on your phone.  Open Link2SD app, You will see a tab, In this tab Link2SD app asks you to select the file system of your second permission, choose EXT2 or EXT4. After Then click OK, the phone will ask you to reboot your device then click OK.

Step 10: After the restart your phone tap on Link2SD to run app and Go to on the top tab, you will see a funnel-like icon or three horizontal dash icon, click on it choose “on internal”. See in Link2SD image.

Configure Link2SD app and use ext2 partion

Step 11: Now click the option key below, and select multi-select, then press the select all option. All of these apps will be selected. Then after click option key or app option icon, choose action then click on create link and Select these three options

(i) Link application file
(ii) Link dalvik-cache file
(iii) Link library files then click OK

Step 12: Link2SD will then move all those apps and games then create a link with them from the second partition of your SD card and tap on OK, that’s all

Note: that’s all but you install an app you should go to settings from the menu and click on auto link and then select the three options again and OK.

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Method Second:

Preparation of increase internal memory in Android device:

1. Your mobile must be charged at least up to 80%.
2. You must take a backup of memory card on your computer.
3. Your mobile/tablet must be rooted.
4. CWM/TWRP recovery must be installed on your mobile/tablet.
5. Install Link2SD app on the device from the play store.

How to increase internal memory in Android device by CWM or TWRP recovery:

Step 1: Take backup of your memory card and phone.

Step 2: Now we make partition of your memory card by CWM/TWRP recovery. Switch off your mobile and boot into recovery mode by any method or using appropriate key combination.

Note: If touch not works in your CWM/TWRP recovery then use volume keys for navigation and use power or home button for selection.

Step 3: Sot to advanced option. Then select partition SD card option. Now choose ext size and create.

Note: The size of partition should be less than your memory card size.

Step 4: It will take few minutes for partitioning SD card. After successful partitioning of SD card then go back and reboot your device.

Step 5: Configuring Link2SD app: this process is same as first method. Follow steps 9-12.

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Now you have more free memory in your phone. So don’t wait, try it. And bookmark this page for future assist for you. I hope you like this Increase internal memory in Android Mobiles guide from which you will be able to easily Increase internal memory in Android Mobiles without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.


  1. After root, partition of memory card (fat32 & ext4) through “Partition tool” & then worked with “link2sd” software for use sd card as in ternal storage, how can i know ext4 storage used as internal storage. Because my internal storage capacity of my mobile still shows same as shown before doing this process.

  2. sire I have a Micromax canvas knight . when I try to download any app for play store it says low space . m fed of continuously getting dis msg plzz help me increase d app storage..

  3. Hi,

    I have LENOVO A606 and i like to increase the Space init as i have only 3.25 Gb left on my phone though i have SD Card of 8GB is installed on it.

    So which option is best for me either “Swap internal storage with the SD card in Android Lollipop and KitKat” OR “Increase internal memory in Android Mobiles in easy steps” as I’m planning to get 32GB memory Card.


  4. Sir good day, I’vs got SAMSUNG GALAXY J1 internal memory 65mb, how can I increase my internal memory? I can’t receive a message or download apps because the internal is so low.

    Please help me on this matter. Thank you.

      1. Sir.. I don’t have micro sd card slot in my device but it have 12gb phone storage. Can i used the phone storage instead of micro sd?

  5. Sir can you tell me How to increase space for downloading stuff from internet and not to install app

  6. Hi!

    I have a rooted Sony Xperia ZR C5502, I wish to increase the internal memory. Please help.


  7. sir, my phone model no is micromax A66 and i fallow all the steps to increase the internal memory but it give me an error at time of selecting second partation as ext2 through link2sd app, error called “mount Script cannot be created . not allowed to su”, sir please tell me the solution for this ….

  8. Sir my device is intex aqua 3g it has very low internal storage .how to increase my device internal memory

  9. sir
    i have htc 516 mobilie, 4gB internal memory. Should i increase its internal memory and can i increased it up to 8 gb or more
    i have 64 Gb card

  10. I forgot the passward in my xolo600
    The phone is also not resetting by doing hard reset
    What to do? Plz guide

    1. prince chopra .
      swict off ur phone wait 5secs.hold together power key n volume +key n select wipe data resect click power key or volume + n click yes resect data n clck reboot .

    2. Guys help …
      It said that
      Mount script cannot be created
      Not allowed to su
      ????what should I do ??
      Need help!!

  11. sir,plz my mobile model is celkon a9 dual ,plzzz send the link for increase internal memory in this phone

  12. sir, me apna phone root nahi karna chahta because my phone in warranty or phoon root karne ke baad mobile out of warranty ho jata h.So,can you help me to increase my RAM & ROM.

  13. Sir my micromax a109 is hanking fom many days and is working by itself can you suggest me what to do sir.

  14. Sir my phone micromax canvas gold a300, it doesn’t have any external memory, it has only internal memory of 32 gb but they are given only 1.5 gb for apps. Now it was full, iam not able to install more apps, please help me if there is any chance to increase memory for apps install in my MMX phone.

  15. I am having Micromax A102 with Android 4.4.2 hand set sir can it be possible to do this act on this mobile reply please
    mob 8878888073

  16. Everything did correctly, but while downloaded apps from play store, it is showing "could not install on USB or SD card" :(

    Any help please …

  17. I am not able to store any pictures or videos after second partition… help!!
    I am using micromax a106

  18. Hello,
    Will The First Method Work even 32GB SD Card
    If so Please tell me which file system should chose for 1st partition as well as 2nd partition

  19. I did as instructed. But when Link2SD starts and asks for the second partition (ext2, ext3…) this error appears: "mount-script could not be created. your /system partition has not enough stoage space."
    how is this possible? I have only Google play (and Link2SD) installed.

  20. hi sir i hv sony experia c….my experia lost its imei numbe
    r.i rooted my phone…bt it doesnt shw its cds information. i tried *#*#7465625#*#* code bt it my phone changes into engineering mode….plz tell me how cn i retrive its cds information..i tried mobileuncle tool already bt it nt worked…plz help me

  21. hi, i havn't done this yet. need to know the answer for this ; after i increase internal memory, if i remove the sd card what space will it remain

  22. my device is rooted but by he first method it shows "Mount not found" give me solution….
    My device is lava iris402e….

  23. To increase phone storage phone must be rooted?
    I have mmx a120 kitkat only 0.98gb available for apps and it is already full i cant install apps from store
    Pls help me how to solve this..

  24. Partition Done………Now Link2sd App open karne ke baad Likh kr aara h………….Mount Script CAn Not be Created,……………Plz Rply

  25. My phone is micromax canvas elanza 2. There is no option to move apps into sd card. Please reesolve this issue. Can my phone be rooted. Its canvas a121

    1. Hi Saarim

      try to root your phone by given method. If it is not work then we make new root method for your phone. So try this then reply me.


    1. Hi Niraj

      When you insert SD card in your Android phone then by default downloaded video and other file save in external memory.

  26. I will follow all step of increase memory in Micromax A177..after that I will install link 2sd app.and create link…but my internal memory of phone still full..why???

  27. Hello Abhishek .I could not find 'advanced'Tab in recovery mode.I have mmx canvas 2+ & it is rooted where to find it plz guide me

  28. does internal memory increases after deleting inbuilt apps…
    if i delete like facebook inbuilt app then i can use facebook memory to install another app…
    if i delete facebook inbuilt app & again i download it from play it better or not…
    reply fast…

    1. first you create FAT Partition then ext2.

      After complete this process you can move your apps on your SD card.

  29. Sir my mobile Celkon a64 doing this steps some problem occurred ,second partition not mountain pls help me

  30. can i use ext3 or ext4 instead of ext2 in my samsung galaxy grand i9082 – ext2 seems slow while processing ?

  31. Not working in karbonn A7 android 2.3,6
    Mount script cannot be created not allowed to su
    any solution pls reply

  32. I have Micromax A72 .I have done the process that u hv mentioned then
    I have start link2sd and select ex2 then gives Error " mount script error" mount script cannot be crated. not allowed to su

    Pl guide me what to do ?

  33. i tried in my karbon a4+ phone, but not worked fully, still it using my internal memory and not able to install more apps. i just did one mistake i.e. i format my sd card through usb connected to mobile phone, is it effects on this?

  34. Hello Mr.Sharma
    This is anil recently i deleted my play store app in my celkon a63 campus due to storage space problem now i installed again but it is not working error msg is unfortunately google play store stopped please help me on this

    1. Hi anil

      Download play store app from this post click here and move it root/system/app folder then set permission wr-r-r and install it, if is giving error then restart your phone, it is automatically install by rebooting.

      Have a good day

  35. Sir plz help me! !!
    I've rooted my phone
    n tryin to increse my phone memory
    I've tried both methods
    but im getting a error at link2sd that is the mount script error
    Wat shud I do
    plz reply ASAP

  36. Hi Abhishek, can u please tell if the mentioned methods are safe to use. And does it work on lenovo 269i… It has a very low internal memory… Cant install whatsapp even… Need ur help badly. Thanks in advance.

  37. cant i increase my ram and internal storage at the sam time???…i m using canvas A177….and if do can i use it for norml video and music storage.

    1. Hi Saranga

      you can increase Ram by uninstalling some useless app and internal storage by this process. try this.

  38. hello sir…i just wanted to know that does this process also meams to increase ram?…if not what is the difference….and after doin this can i use my sd card anymore for normal storage like videos,musics etc???

    1. No this is not increase your RAM, you can increase your system space for app and game and resolve low memory error.

  39. ya am having the same problem with my Micromax Bolt a58. my phone is rooted. partitioned my 8 gb memory card (6 gb primary fat partition, 2 gb primary ext2 partition), but am getting the error "Mount script cannot be created:
    No such file or directory found"
    i have also tried Fat32 for my secondary partition, not working!
    what can i do?

  40. I am using micromax bolt a58. I have rooted my phone.partitioned the sd card.Tried many options regarding the format of the partitions. But every time link2sd shows "Mount script cannot be created. No such file or directory found".Can you please help me with this problem.

  41. i am suffering from some errors at last time, when i select ext2 than the msg displayed on screen
    "mount script cannt be created not allowed to su"" what does it mean , my phone is micromax bolt a 58,, pls help me in resolving that problem. you can mail the solution on my email id [email protected]

    1. Hi Anil

      Sorry for late reply

      Here is root guide for you click here

      This is Titanium S2 Root process but it work on your phone also. try it

      Have a good day

    1. Hi Debjyotiroy

      Moto E is best. it has 4.3 inch decent screen size with Corning Gorilla Glass 3

    2. and in the aspect of features like gaming and other stuff which one is better??? moto e or juice a177??? plz reply

  42. HI
    when i am select ext2 i have getting an error (( mount script cannot be created not allowed to su ) Please sujjest how to resolve this ..

  43. android I can not receive any file from outside, either bluetooth, wifi file transfer or other .. how to create a new folder in the sd card? sir please help me

    1. Hi Jenkazama

      Not create folder this process says create partition and fist rot your phone then do it.

  44. i recreate mount script then click ex2 then ok but not complete this method n displaying "Mount script cannot be created" not allowed to su pls explain this problem fast

  45. my carbonn a5 mobile displaying "Mount script cannot be created" not allowed to su
    how i solw this problem please replay fast

  46. same plz tell how to swap extenal storage , all thing going in internal memory plz plz help me for CANVAS JUICE A177

  47. is there is any way to swap the external storage and phone storage in canvas juice a177…if it there pls post..

  48. how to get root access on karbonn a90? i installed link2sd but there is problem of root access

    1. hi,abhishek my karbonn A90
      when i go to link 2 sd it give a warning that "LINK2SD COULD NOT OBTAIN ROOT ACCESS"….SO PLZ. GIVE ME A SUITABLE ANSWER.

  49. hi. can u make a video of expanding the internal storage for Micromax BOLT A58. Because i had tried but it did not work. i had partition and grant access to link2sd but when i select fat32 or any it says Error No Script Found something.

    1. Hi Aloknand

      i don't have A58, make first primary partition EXT2 file system and make other according to your memory card size is less than 2GB, select file system FAT. If it’s more than 2GB, select FAT32.

  50. Mr. Abhishek sharma,
    as i have installed the partition tool and done with the 1st step, i have installed the link2sd app in my phone and done with recopying all the things back to mem card, but as i set my card in the phone, it says that i have unsupported file sys in the card and that lead to format of my card. but when i open the link2sd app in the phone, it is not even recognising the card, it says no card found, then what to do sir..

    1. is your phone rooted?

      then First make Primary by EXT2 file system then after make other partition according to your card free space ( If your memory card size is less than 2GB, select file system FAT. If it’s more than 2GB, select FAT32)

  51. hi , i have samsung gt s5570 android 2.3 with root and i have done exactly what u hav mentioned. I have made a partition of 6gb in 8gb memory card and rest unallocated space for added memory to phone. I was already using link2sd app to move heavy application to phone but even after making partition to memory card my internal memory shows low space. I have moved all application to phone. for eg facebook takes 13 mb from internal memory and when i delete this app then i got 13 mb back to my phone internal memory but when i reinstall this app then again my 13 mb reduces from phone internal memory then where is this second partition of memory card working. pls help

    1. Hi Anuraj

      you did not make right partition. Please read steps then do it

      you can use second method also

      Good day

    2. hi abhishek,
      I made the right partition no problem with that and later I came to know that what exactly I have to do with link2sd app. Actually I was not creating a link of any app initially I had only moved the apps to sd card only but later when i found this linking option my problem resolved.

      I want to thanks a lot for this helpful information.

      One more thing is there any way to increase RAM also because my mobile RAM is also very low about 280 mb only, pls help

  52. framaroot is not supporting for micromax a66 and the other one is not working …………………….. can you give me another rooting process for micromax a66

    1. Hi Jagadeesh

      can you try this method it is safe to try in your Mobile click here

      if it is work in your mobile then tell me

      Good day

  53. Hi Abhishek, When i go for inquiry about MMX a77 jiuce, i hear from 2 mobile shop salesman that some problems in MMX a77 juice, thats why we do not buy a77 for customers… you can purchase only online… i view 2-3 complains on consumer sites also that customer purchase a77 from homeshop18 are not good.

    Can you pls tell me the actual feedback that i should buy or not…i want to buy from MMX official site….worth Rs.7999

    1. Hi Rajan

      Donot buy it Micromax A77 has network problem. i will suggest you Micomax Canvas 2.2 A114. this set has good performance at low cost.

    1. move to sd move your app data in your SD card not all app data.

      link 2 sd app make your SD card partition into internal storage and move all app data.

  54. Can we apply this method to Micromax A58 ?
    and whether warrantee of the mobile will remain same or it will be broken ??

    Plz reply

    1. Hi Asad

      yes you can try this method on your Mobile but it is root required and root broken your warranty.

      do not worry about warranty because when you feel any problem in your Mobile then flash stock Rom after then go to service center.

    2. Thanx for the reply! I will be more satisfied if will explain "flash stock Rom", how it works and how it will maintain my warrantee ?

    1. Hi Ranjana

      i Will post Root process of Xolo A600 and try these method for increase internal memory it is work in any android phone.

  55. what about the rooting process for micromax a66 which i already asked please reply fast…………..

    1. Hi jagadeesh

      Read this post click here and try both method and tell me it is work or not?

      i think one of method work for your Mobile, so try Second method first then first method.

      Good day

  56. hai im using micromax a66 and i dont know how to root my mobile so please help………!!!!!

    1. Hi Jagadeesh Sudhan

      I will Post Rooting process of micromax A66, then i will tell you

  57. Sir
    Whenver i click on OK. to enter the format of second partition…it says "Mount script cannot be created..mount:No such device.." plzzz help me

    1. Hi Anas

      Read this post and follow these instruction. It i not work in Micromax A110 but it will work in Your phone Korban A90. So root your phone click here

    2. Hi Abhishek, When i go for inquiry about MMX a77 jiuce, i hear from 2 mobile shop salesman that some problems in MMX a77 juice, thats why we do not buy a77 for customers… you can purchase only online… i view 2-3 complains on consumer sites also that customer purchase a77 from homeshop18 are not good.

      Can you pls tell me the actual feedback that i should buy or not…i want to buy from MMX official site….worth Rs.7999

    1. HI Amrut

      First root your phone. I don't have karbonn a90, so i can not tell you processor of root A90

      but read this post and use framaroot App click here. I think it will work and it is safe process to root your Phone

    2. hi abhishek,
      i tried Farmroot Apk but there is a window saying CHECK VULNERABLE ''your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in Farmroot'' then what to do????

    3. hey buddy,#amrut is karbonn a90 rooted or not …. plz. tell me because i'm also a90 user

    1. Hi Chetan

      I do not know but i know very well that Micromax A116 is very Good phone. So Micromax should release 4.3 update for A116

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