Swap internal storage with the SD card in Android Lollipop and KitKat

A simple, safe and easy tutorial to swap internal storage with the SD card in Android Lollipop and Kitkat. Resolve low memory error.

Hi, This is one more guide on swap internal storage with the SD card in Android Device. Last one guide is not working on KitKat and Lollipop, So we makes new guide for Android Smartphone. Here is a simple, safe and easy step by step tutorial to swap internal storage with the SD card Smartphone with images.

Lots of viewer are telling us to make a new guide on swap internal storage with the SD card in Android Lollipop and KitKat Devices. This is so simple process and I try to make it most easy and safe guide. Lots of Android Device users face low phone memory error and we all want more free space on your Android Smartphone storage for download and play large size games and install lots of apps. But we can’t do it because of low phone memory (space). If you are facing this problem then you can swap internal storage with the SD card device and increase your internal storage.

Swap internal storage with the SD card in Android 1

In Previous guide, we are using vold.fstab file and manually swapping internal storage with the SD card by edit this file.  In this process, we are using two app for swapping internal storage with the SD card.  We want a rooted phone and WSM Tool app, XInternalSD app. I am using these app to swap my Android phone internal storage with the SD card, and according to my experience this process safe for your device. But safe side, you must take a backup of your phone, then do it. And first read all steps, if you don’t understand these steps, then don’t do it and tell us your problem via comment, I will try to resolve your issues.

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How to swap internal storage with the SD card in Android Smartphone:

Step 1: We need a rooted phone for this process, if your phone is not rooted then first of all root your phone. You can find your phone root guide of this blog click here and Download and install WSM Tool app click here and  XInternalSD app click here on your Smartphone.

Step 2: Now install WSM Tools and XInternalSD apps on your phone, then open the WSM Tools app, you will get a popup tab from Su app for giving root permission to WSM Tools app, now tap on the grant option. Then click on Install, now you will get a popup message for confirmation, So tap on OK option after then you will get a new  popup message for reboot your device, So tap on OK again. See in this image.


Step 3:  Now Open WSM Tools, you can see the XInternalSD App in modules and swipe to On XInternalSD App. Now you will see a Pop up message ” WSM Module list was updated changes will become active on reboot”, You can see all steps in above image.


Step 4: After reboot your device, go to app menu and open XInternalSD app then you will see “Path to internal SD card” option and under this option you will see this path “/storage/sdcard1” (see in the above image). If you will not find this path then tap on  “Path to internal SD card” option and set manually this path  “/storage/sdcard1” (see in the above image). After this tick on “Enable for all apps” and click on “Enable for apps”, then choose apps which you want to move External SD. See in the above image. Now reboot your phone or device. that’s all.

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I hope you like this swap internal storage with the SD card guide from which you will be able to easily swap internal storage with the SD card in Android without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.


  1. any body something about Mai_X2 mobile … they says it has 8gb internal mamory but here is nothing like this it has only 18mb internal space so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help ma some way??????????

  2. not working for whatsapp
    when click on attach media or camera app in whatsapp
    it’s says you don’t have efficient space in your phone
    please help me

  3. Hi I have exposed installer on my Samsung Galaxy V will it work? I also have 8gb memory card with 6gb left.

  4. After installation of wsm tool first I lost it .then found it by es file manager. And when I tap it to open, android pops me up saying that “sorry can not start this application”. so I can’t proceed.

    Would u plz give a solution

  5. Hey man. Ive just stumbled upon this thred, i would like to thank you very much as this will now save me a hell of alot of space. Not all heros wear cape’s you the man

  6. I followed all steps on LG Volt running KitKat. When I select “Enable For Apps” and choose what I want to move, what do I do next? I tried restarting and rebooting phone and no apps were moved. What step comes after Enable for Apps?

    1. HI. I had followed evry step and I had selected the apps and restarted my phone but it didn’t moved .. assist me to sort this out.

  7. Hi,

    I have followed all the steps properly but still no change.
    I am using it for Sony Xperia S Lt26i. I have selected the apps I want to move to internal storage but after switching it on again it reflected no change.
    Could you please guide me further?


    1. hi akshAy,
      bro are you sure your device is rooted and followed all steps. i am using this method personally redmi note 3G and YUreka plus its working properly.
      so you just try again and read all steps carefully.

  8. Hi I have a problem with this metod.

    I have got KitKat 4.4.2 and I have damaged internal storage.

    I could not install WSM Tools. Info “Could not extract Xposed-Disabler-Recovery.zip” I tried unpack apk on PC and instal it from .zip via recovery but it shows info “Instalation abortet”

    Can I use something else insted of WSM Tools?

  9. Hi,

    I have LENOVO A606 and i like to increase the Space init as i have only 3.25 Gb left on my phone though i have SD Card of 8GB is installed on it.

    So which option is best for me either “Swap internal storage with the SD card in Android Lollipop and KitKat” OR “Increase internal memory in Android Mobiles in easy steps” as I’m planning to get 32GB memory Card.


  10. Hi i was happy when it worked on Facebook youtube messenger but whenever i try to open a games like sims freeplay and the data is save on sd card it just shows that unfortunately,sims freeplay has stopped any solution and btw im using lenovo a328

  11. Doesnt seem to work for lg lk430. WSM is not campatible with Andriod SDK version 21. how i do i fix this

    1. wsm tool didn’t work…its showing”wsm is not (yet) compatible with android sdk version 22…How do I fix it plz

  12. Hi Naresh…
    i tried both the WXM TOOLS and the WXM_EXPOSED_FIX.zip on my android tablet with Lollipop version 5.1.1. but the wxm tools is displaying an error message to me i can send you the screen shot if you could give me your email address… but the other XinternalSD file works and i did change the path to internal SD card as shown on the scren shots but unfortunately nothing hapened even after reboot as the application whichi mentioned to take the path of he SD card instead of the internal storage is still taking the internal storage path instead of the sd card.


    1. hi ashok

      Which phone are you using and what the problem is. Tell me in detail about it, I will be happy to assist you

  13. I need to swap external sd storage To internal storage not apps.my phone is unite 2 kitkat and i am rooted.

  14. I dont want to move apps to external sd card but i want to swap external storage to internal and internal storage to external. I am using mmx unite 2 kitkat.i am rooted.i want to swap storage only.if u know send me the link.

  15. hi,
    i am using GIONEE MARATHON M3 mobile with lollipop 5.0.2
    wsm is not working on that.
    i am getting this error :

    WSM is not yet compatible with Android SDK version 21 or your processor architecture (armeabi-v7a).

    CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE : could not load library “libdvm.so” needed by “/data/data/pro.burgerz.wsm.manager/cache/app_process”; caused by library “libdvm.so” not found

    PLEASE HELP ME as soon as possible…i need to do this…

  16. hi, will it work with the kingo root app or do I need to download a specific root app for this? thanks!

    1. Hi

      This guide needs a rooted phone. Whether you root your phone by kingroot app or else app, it does not matter.

  17. Definitely works for me on kit kat 4.4.4 with ZTE FIT 4G. Good thing is you can choose what previous apps will stay or not on internal storage. Allows me to store heavy utorrent downloads and offline GPS maps on SD card. Finally !
    Thanks a lot.

  18. I have followed the correct steps but if I download from play store it still goes to internal drive can’t i stop this if there’s a way pls reply

  19. Hey Naresh,
    Greate work !

    I follow your guide made the swap right after I install my phone.

    I wonder if from now on all apps will be installed automatically on the sdcard,
    Or it should be done manually every time a new app is installed ?


  20. After opening WSM tools I can’t tap on install because there is a caution saying that WSM is not yet compatible with android sdk version 19 or processor architecture
    So I can’t tap on install and it’s disabled
    So tell me what should I do?

  21. huhuu. how can i get the root explorer. i can’t buy it. its not paid yet. plsss help me. reply asap

    1. Hi

      You can use any free root explorer like explorer app or ES file explorer app.

  22. I have a question what if I change the SD card or removed it what will happen and can you make a procedure to reverse this plsss I also hope that you still reply because it 2016

    1. Your apps won’t run if you removed your sdcard. Yes, you could reverse the procedure.

  23. i am using micromax A177 canvas Juice and i have followed all the steps which you have published above but still my phone is showing insufficient storage. app is not moving to external sd card .. pls help what to do..

    1. hello sunil

      are you sure you follow all steps in this guide for swap internal storage. if yes its working .

  24. WSM tools didnt display message for root permission, using kingroot Nd it doesnt install xposed saying not yet compatibled with sdk architecture. Micromax unite 2

  25. Dosen’t work worth crap on samsung tab 4 7.0, os 4.4.2, followed all the steps and everything installed correctly and there was no change to anything. Apps are still in the same place, and new apps still download to internal. Still only have 8gb of space to use internal and 32gb external that I can’t use as primary.

    1. hi. did you ever figure this out? i have the same samsung Tab running 4.4.2 and would love to solve this problem.

  26. when i try to install wsm tool app it says it isnt compitable with android proccesor how can i fix this?

  27. Dear Abhishek,
    The Apps are unable to move to Internal Memory…
    I want to Swap “Phone Memory to External SD Card”. Is it possible? If yes please mention the procedure/ steps.

  28. MicromaxL A108. I tried the total steps but still my phone shows “insufficient storage”.

  29. Hello,

    Should the sdcard be partitioned or formatted in any specific way? And can I have two partitions (one for FAT, one for ext4) and direct the apps to use the ext4 partition?

    And what of Internal Storage? Will Internal Storage ever be used by the phone automatically for anything or will it treat the sdcard as all internal space?

    Thank you!

  30. i have 8 gb internal memory and one 1gb for apps this is not sufficient storage for more apps is this process increase my apps storage ???because app storage space is the only problem i m using fly qik plus…

  31. Hi I am using micromax A120. It have 900 MB app storage and 8 GB internal storage does this method incrase my app storage?? And one question more i have bricked my phone early not by doing this but something, so i again not want to take risk. Please tell me by doing this method surely (means 100%) my phone not bricked???? Does this is safe method? Please tell me?!

  32. I have a problem, my phone is a Samsung gt-S5660 and doesn’t support the WMS app, I think its because of my processor. what should I do ?

    1. Same problem with WSM tools. Its not compatible with my processor either. I’m on an LG Volt 2.

  33. Hey, thanks for this instructionals.
    I did it to my samsung kitkat. I have a quetion though. Whenever I download a new game it still goes to the internal drive. This is not what I am expecting so I am a little disappointed. Maybe I miss a step? I check the enable all for apps and check all of it. I was expecting that even the download from playstore would download it directly to the sdcard, but its not whats happening.

    Any advise?

  34. Sir this method work on my Sony t2 ultra lollypop upgraded 8gb internal memory
    And rooted will this method solve the play store incificient memory problem for installing appa from play store
    Thanks in advance bro

  35. ok so. i need something similar. i have a nexus 7 2012 kitkat and i want to be able to use a 256GB flash drive as internal memory. i have a OTG cable from the tablet to a USB hub and the flash drive and a DAC. i have installed stickmount app to be able to mount the usb. I dont know what path to use on xinternalsd. any suggestions?

  36. i have nokia x2 and i have custome rom of cm 11 in it and i want ro swap the internal storage to external, i m using internalSD module but i want to use my external as internal for installation all apps to external sd as default

    1. Hi Amit,
      yes, you can swap internal storage with your external sd card.read this guide and try.
      I am sure this is working on Nokia X2 Cm 11 kitkat.

  37. xposed installer haven’t support lollipop on x86 intel-based android yet, do you have any solution?

    1. Hi Candra
      you have a lollipop based Intel x86 device you can try this but only at your own risk. if you don’t have a ZenFone or some other Intel x86 device please stay away from this tool! Use this tool Click here

    1. hi Hasnain,
      Read all steps Care fully and try agian i hope you can do this.
      your phone is must be rooted.

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