How to take backup and restore data of Micromax A110 and Android phone

A simple tutorial to take backup and restore data of Micromax A110 and Android phone by Stock Recovery Mode with image guide.

Hello friends, This is a easy guide for take a backup and restore data of Micromax A110 and Android phone. At present time most of the mobile manufacturer companies launch budgeted smartphone which comes with different great features and latest technology. 

Now, today we have to discuss about the latest technology smartphone which is developed and launched by the Samsung company which release his latest technology smartphone which is developed by the top most Indian mobile manufacturer company with the name of Micromax A110.

There are lot of time we lost all important data of our smartphone due to many reasons if you will be familiar about the backup/restore feature then there is no need to worry but if you don’t known then you must lost your all important data. So, today we have to discuss a safe, simple and easy step by step tutorial to take backup and restore data of Micromax A110 via Stock Recovery Mode. Today we will know how to take Backup of Micromax A110 and other Micromax mobile by Stock Rom Recovery Mode. We try to make this process easy by step to step with image guide.

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Easy steps to take backup and restore data of Micromax A110 and Android phone:

1. Power off your phone.


2. Press volume up and Down key + Power button at the same time unit appear recovery mode option.


3. Press Home key and then you will find lots of option of your phone.


4. Select the 6th option for backup of your data by press volume down key then press menu key for enter


5. Select the 7th option for restore of your data by press volume down key then press menu key for enter


After press menu key then backup/restore data process start


6. After complete select reboot system option by press volume down and press menu key


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I hope you like this backup and restore data of Micromax A110 guide from which you will be able to easily take a backup and restore data of Android phone without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.


  1. hi sir i forgot my pattern of my micromax mobile i dont have any backup can you suggest me a way how to unlock my phone without loosing my data?

  2. I have downloaded miui 6 from on a120…after flashing the phone get strucked… Showing MIUI6 … What can I do now…

    1. Hi Laxman

      Flash your Stock Rom. You can find your all stock Rom with guide here.

  3. Hi Bala

    if your phone is 3g phone then you can change your phone network and if your phone is 4g phone then it was already set on 4G recommended and also you can change it manually by Mobile Network.

  4. What are steps we should follow before flashing rom in order not to lost IMEI number of phone…
    Last time i flash rom on my old android phone and its imei number vanished and the phone doesnt read sim card

    1. Hi Rohit

      If you are updating your phone then you will not lose your IMEI number. When we are try flash fresh installation then some phone lost their IMEI number. So use only firmware update option.

  5. my rooted canvas fire 4 play store not connecting to internet and shows google play service stoped working

  6. is it safe to root micromax a350?
    is it possible to repair bricked phone and can u please suggest an easier method for rooting ?

  7. hai i have some problem with my micromax a110 that it is not charging at all even after 10 hrs of charging its showing 1! % charge

  8. Hello sir i want to know that after installing custom rom on my device then will i can install apps by sharing or by installing from google play as usual or will i have to use any othet method to install apps

    1. Hi Gursimran

      Google play store work on custom Rom but I give you a suggest for custom Rom. Don’t install custom Rom on your phone, because custom Rom means, Beginning of troubles in your phone.

  9. How to take backup of full data of Micromax canvas 2 colours a120 if recovery mod method not working

  10. I have some problems in my micromax a114 when internet connection on the following will appear on the screen and hang the mob :-
    1. Unfortunately, TimeService has sopped.
    2. Unfortunately, Android system has sopped.
    3. ikeyboard has stopped.
    And also when minimize the screen. The following will be available on the screen with android logo :-
    1. adobe air
    2 android system.
    3. security pluging
    4. ptika4
    Please tell me how to resolve it…

    1. Hello vikas I am also using same mobile and I am also face same problem to resolve this problem first restart your phone then go to settings then goto apps then touch on all applications then scroll down uninstall time service security plugin, adobe air. And then install no root firewall and select these applications do not access the internet if again these applications access internet then automatically installed and cause hanging of mobile

  11. Sir .
    Micromax canvas a350
    How to root and update to lollipop
    Sir plz.
    Where I ur shop in hyd .
    Plz tell

  12. Hiiiii
    sir i forgot the pattern of micromax and in that i have my data in internal memory to secure this i made my data from the recovery mode
    now want to reset it and want my data is it possible to get back after reset it

    1. Hi Nishant

      first of all take a backup of your Data via recovery mode on the SD card then flash stock Rom or reset. Then after boot in normal mode and switch off your phone and restore your backup via recovery mode.

  13. haiii sir ihave the micromax A35 bolt mobile can u tell me how to increase my internal memory it is worked on android 2.3.4 version

  14. Sir I hv canvas a77. When m making backup for install custom rom it get stuck and recovery option is not opening in bootloader. Pls help me

  15. sir,
    i have micromax canvas turbo a250 and i have lots of problems in my phone
    – my phone automatically gets switch off and restart
    – my phone hangs many time in a day
    – phone gets over heated
    – if i use with double sim one sim automatically deactivated
    – many time it dont allow to use camera
    many time i reset my phone
    please tell me what should i do?

    1. Hi. I have MICROMAX Canvas SELFIE LENCE Q345 but I can not connect it with a OTG. Help me please.

  16. bro…my lenovo a880 suddenly will off after i turn on…hav to turn on again and again ….how to fix it

    1. try to reset your phone by recovery. If it is not work then install your stock Rom.

  17. When i followed your back up instructions i found no comond why it was. And i can't done .please tell me what i do

  18. Sir,

    i have a problem with my micromax canvas 2.2
    whenever i have make a call my phone is switched off automatically. Please guide me ASAP.

    Thanks & Regards
    Pankaj Sharma

    1. Hi

      Try to rest your phone, if you face this issue again after rest then, flash your stock ROM.

  19. bro i have canvas 4…and its unfortunately dead
    so please any Option to get back my phone please suggest me

  20. Sir

    I have taken back up it creates userdata_*.backup" file in my SD card.

    How i can take data (messages / Contacts/ etc…) from date file or how i can restore data from backup file ??


  21. Hi sir i am a micromax user(a210 model). Recently i have flashed a custom rom to my mobile using CWM and i have taken backup(so i have both user_* .backup file and the backup file created from CWM). But now suddenly all i have some display related problem i have tried every thing like flashing the stock rom again etc but no luck. Now i have decide to give my mobile to service center so obviously i have to remove that CWM and get back to my stock recovery. I have downloaded number of stock recovery image files and flashed it using mobile uncle tools but still when i move to recovery mode the CWM only appears. Please help me to over come this problem. I have visited number of websites(including XDA-developers) but nobody faced this problem in past so i found no solution and i hope you will help me.
    Thank You.

  22. Sir my phone pattern is locked and i dunno the user name and password.I need to backup my contacts.Its very important,Please help me #mirco max HD

  23. when i do "reboot system now" then my menu key is not working. only volume up & down key working :( what i do?

  24. i have rooted canvas a88 and also installed cwm recovery using sp flash tool .
    everything works fine .., but when i try to get into recovery mode by pressing vol + up + vol – down and enter into recovery mode . it shows white blank screen and i cannot boot into recovery mode .
    plzz help

    1. Hi Jaidev

      I don't suggest you to install any custom Rom because custom Rom means, Beginning of troubles in your phone.

      and here is root guide for your phone click here

    2. Thanks Abhishek. It is done.
      1. I came to know cynogenmod rom is very popular. Do you have any experience of cynogenmod rom on mmx c2+ stock v2. Will it be safe?
      2. One more thing, do you know method of rooting Gionee pioneer p3.

  25. for rooting my device, While flashing custom recovery on my mmx c2+ stock v2 through flash tool, after greeni circle i find message that your phone will have booting problem.

  26. Hi sir, My Mmx canvas 2.2 cell is not working. I can switch on it but it only stays on canvas logo. I have rooted my cell to change the fonts during the change of the fonts my cell got hanged suddenly and switched off. I tried to switch on it and it got on but stays only on canvas logo. Kindly help me out.

  27. Hi sir, I m using Micromax Canvas 2plus, I have cleared data from contact storage without knowledge, my all contacts gone, will you pls inform me how can I restore it

    1. Hi
      If you were select all option of Google account then check your contacts on gmail.

  28. my mobile lock with pattern lock i gave backup and update cwm recovery mode but cannot restore it by this recovery because .backup file not supported with cwm recovery and i return to stock recovery so pattern lock again what to do please help me guys……

  29. Namaste all,

    my micro max a110 set not loading, stuck at canvas 2 logo
    i have not taken any kind of backup so far, i need data before factory reset, plz suggest all possible ways

    note : charging connector is not working properly.
    so i m using cell phone by changing battery and charging them by
    battery charger.
    i have not rooted or installed any rooting softwares,
    i m general common man, i dont know all those

    i tell u, what all i did so far, plz help me further.
    i went to recovery mode,
    it was showing options, to restart
    load from sd card, sd card 1, from cache
    erase data/formate,
    backup and restore options

    out of them i have choosen backup user data,
    it started to show below message :
    sd card free space 187mb
    user data allocated 748mb
    SD card did not have enough free space.

    i really dont know what to do now, plz suggest me possible ways
    i must need data, plz help me what to do.

  30. pls advise me how to take back up of data in recovery mode,
    it says insufficient storage space.
    without backup i cant go for factory reset as it will erase all my contacts which i dont want to loose. pls guide me.

  31. hey i ve rooted my phone canvas 2 officialy running on jelly bean and installed custom rom lewa before installing i've created a backup (userbackup….309mb) file and now i want to restore it….plz help!!

  32. Hi abishek, when i get into the recovery for backup user data, it shows no command. Pls help me.

  33. Hey i rooted my micromax a88 but when i enter the recovery mode it appear only white plz help…

  34. sir you mentioned that 'press ENTER key for phone is micromax a92 canvas lite.which is the enter key here.please tell me

  35. Hi Bro,I am buying a new handset,How i can take backup of my sms,contacts number and som important files from my Micromax canvas 2 handset

  36. Hi Bro,I am buying a new handset,How i can take backup of my sms,contacts number and som important files from my Micromax canvas 2 handset

    1. No its take your data backup only

      If you want your Rom backup then root your phone and install custom recovery after then take backup. which is your phone model number tell me, i will give you guide of root and install custom recovery in your phone.

  37. bro am using canvas a110 mobile even aftr delting data am getting it again…even aftr am having 2 gb memory available in xtrenal memory .am unable download or share pics in wats app,and even i cant format the external sd card directly frm phne…even connecting wid laptop and formatting da memory card bt still am getting those files…plzz help me…hw to get rid of these

  38. hi
    i am trying to take the back up of the phone but it isnt working
    when i click the menu button after selecting the backup user data…nothing happens…the menu key and the home key are not working anymore
    i have micromax a116
    please tell me what to do

    deeksha juneja

    1. use Up and Down key for select your option and power button for enter

      when it show a pic like mention in this post then use menu key for option

  39. hi,
    i tried to backup my canvas HD
    like u said i went to recovery mode but then when i press home key nothing appears
    the screen shot in step 3 only appears and it doesn't go any further.
    plssss help.

    1. Hi Prathish

      Press vol. + and – ket with power button

      then your will see two option choose recovery mode

      after then choose 6th option backup user data by pressing vol down key

      then click on menu button not home key

      after backup reboot your phone

      that's all

    2. in step 3 u have told to press home key to get into software update model even that doesn't work for me..

  40. Buddy , my phone's touch screen stopped working (including the home, menu and back keys), i want to back up my contacts and other important data's before handing it over to the service centre. How can i do that..?
    and by the way do u have any idea how it stopped working..? it did get any physical damage, it was just kept in my pocket and when i took it out to recieve a call, i couldnt! please help me out! :(

    1. ok if your power and volume button is working then you will take your backup of your phone.

      Go to recovery then take your phone backup, follow these instruction and connect your phone to PC then copy your phone backup in PC

  41. Hey abhishek, I am going to update android to jelly bean and want to ask you that if I backup all the data before updating then will I be able to get that same data back after updating…..??

  42. Hey abhishek,
    I am going to update android to jelly bean and want to ask you that if I backup all the data before updating then will I be able to get that same data back after updating…..??

  43. My canvas A110 is now getting on. So i want to reset it. But before resetting it i want to take backup in my sdcard. And now its showing low space in sdcard and cant get it on for use with PCSuite. So plz do reply. What i am to do to make my data safe.

  44. What if we update the software after the backup??? Does the restore option works to get us our data back?

  45. Hi Abhishek, Thanks for the tutorial. I am having a Micromax Canvas HD model and it got locked due to many wrong pattern attempts. My Internet Connection, Wifi, etc. was off before getting locked, so the only option was there for me to do factory reset the phone. So before doing that, I made one backup file by using "backup option" when we press +/- volume keys & power button at the same time. The backup filename is something "userdata_*.backup".

    Now, after done with the phone reset when I tried to restore the previous data from the backup file I made.. & then its again going into the same lock phone loop mode asking for gmail account details to verify? So I did factory reset again, to get my phone back working…

    Now, the situation is …
    1. My phone is working ok after factory reset
    2. I still have the backup file (userdata_*.backup, size 304 MB)
    3. But not able to get/restore my data back from the backup file

    – Is there any way to extract at least contacts & SMS's data out from that file??
    – Can this be done externally on my PC by installing any application/software there & then using the phone backup file? So we can keep all the trials out of the phone & then accommodate the results in phone after successful attempt?
    – Are there any useful free applications/software's are there?

    1. Flash Rom means ? .. same problem in my phone i got userdate _backup fine but its not open .. show file doest not exist .. how to restole this file

    2. Flash Rom means format your phone and re-install your phone OS again. and restore your backup by recovery mode.

  46. I have backup now cwm installed is it possible to select restore option from cwm recovery for restoring v2 rom

  47. Bro I flashed CWM successful! Then I did a factory reset from settings/privacy and then I couldnt boot into recovery! So I flashed Stock Recovery again using Mobile uncle tools, It didn't work so I flashed it with SP Tools! When I enter recovery mode I'm stuck at that symbol( Photo 3 ) No matter what I do I cannot get into recovery mode! The phone boots up normally but I need stock recover to flash Cynus T2 ROM! Please help!

    1. ok, press tree button "+" "-" & Power button

      then press "+" button then you get photo 3 ok

      now you press home key you will get recovery menu

      good day

    2. use stock ROM :–> run sp tool select scatter file unchecked all contents tick only recovery.img —> download & reboot phone your problem solve ok

    3. dear if you got phone backup the flash V2 ROM with SP tool &

      for vivid color uboot_S9081.bin & DSP_BL from V1 copy these file & Replace Stock Rom V2 Folder then flash ROM

      Good luck

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